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The wait is over and the proverbial clock is reset back to 0:00. The rest of life continues on, we get one step closer to buying our new house each day and it seems the more I pack away, the more stuff I find. >.

The irony is, originally, we'd wanted to wait until we were in Alabama then made the collective decision to not wait. Now, it seems, we may just be waiting anyway.

*watches the clock start ticking away again...*

The Waiting Game(s)

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The timer has been set and the waiting begins...

It seems as if that is all I've been doing recently - waiting.

I've been waiting to see if I'll actually be late or not; waiting to see if we'll get the house in Alabama or not; waiting waiting waiting.

It's annoying really. Truly, truly bothersome. I know I have to be patient and I know that this may not be 'it' since hubby and I just started trying to conceive #4 but it still seems to be horrifically nerve wracking to simply sit and wait.