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Help! Unexplained Weight Gain!

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Dear Midwife,
I would really appreciate a response, as I am worried about the following issue: I am 25 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I was 174 pounds and 5' 7.5" tall prior to becoming pregnant. I expected to be larger than in previous pregnancies and I expected to show sooner. I wasn't prepared for what I currently face, however.

Pregnancy Fitness Routine

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Dear Fitness Expert,
Hello, I just found out I'm pregnant (not my first) and am not sure about a fitness routine. After my last pregnancy, I worked out six days a week very strenuously for about a year, but have fallen out of my routine the past few months.

How much can I do now that I'm pregnant? I've also gained some weight back, and really want to keep my weight gain during pregnancy under check.

Staying Slim During Pregnancy

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Dear Nutritionist,
I'm 42. I used to be overweight but managed to lose a lot of weight a year ago. Now I'm pregnant but I wish to stay slim. I intend to continue jogging and aerobics classes and limit my food intake during pregnancy in order to keep my weight down. I have a busy career and often rush meals. I drink a lot of coffee at work and a cigarette accompanies most of my cups of coffees. What nutritional advice can you give?

Should I Ignore Hunger Pangs?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I am 8 weeks pregnant and find that I am hungry all the time (or nauseous). I have a good, balanced diet and think that I am eating enough. I do not want to put on more weight during pregnancy than I need to as I tend to gain weight quite easily.

Is is OK to ignore hunger pangs? Or are these a cue that my body needs a bit more? I am normally very active (I ski, run, weight train, swim, cycle, etc.) but have cut down my activity a bit so am worried that this will also contribute to an unhealthy weight gain.

Help for Stressed-out Moms that Works!

by Shawn Talbott, Ph.D

Got kids (or are you about to have kids)? Then you've got stress! If you have stress, then you also have cortisol, and you need to know what to do about it - because excess exposure to cortisol (the body's primary stress hormone) is associated with

  • Weight gain
  • Increased hunger (sugar cravings)
  • Diabetes
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Immune suppression
  • Depression
  • Memory problems

What is cortisol?