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i just found out via blood test from the doctor that i'm six weeks pregnant. i knew long before, having taken five tests and already showing symptoms such as cravings and tiredness. i'm really scared, though. for a lot of reasons. first they told me everything was okay and now they are telling me that ... and i forget the name of the enzyme or hormone ... is showing low levels, which means the baby isn't developing right.



I took at at home pregnancy test March 3rd (actually, 10 home pregnancy test...all showed up positive in less than a minute!). I had a blood test done March 5th to confirm my pregnancy. My first ultrasound/obgyn appointment is March 25th at 9:15. I have so many different emotions going through my head right now it's hard to even sit down and concentrate long enough to write this entry!

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Ultrascan Worry

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I'm expecting my 5th child in June and have been told the baby's stomach is measuring quite big and that I have to have another scan at 32 weeks but thats all I was told.

My husband and I are very worried because this has never happened in the previous pregnancies and no one we know seems to know what it could be its a long time until the next scan.

Early Pregnancy HcG Levels- Please Help

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Dear Midwife,
Please please please help me, I am so worried and need reassurance

Following a miscarriage with my first baby in September last year I was delighted to find out 3 weeks ago my husband and I are expecting again. My doctor has been monitoring me closely by taking blood tests and I had a referral yesterday for a scan to the Early Pregnancy Unit.

When Does Baby Engage

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Dear Midwife,
Hi I'm 33 weeks this Sunday and this is my first baby so exciting, but this week I have been having pain in my pelvis especially on the left hand side like hes pushing down and the occasional pain which feels like a knife stab pain which can make me stop for a little while but only lasts a few minutes then gone.

Please can you tell me what this is and if its all normal.