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Yeast Infection Medications During First Trimester

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Dear Midwife,
I am currently 8 months pregnant. I was looking on the internet about treatment of yeast infections and have seen many articles that say medication should not be used in the first trimester. I am really worried.

When I was 6 weeks pregnant I my doctor prescribed a cream for me to use internally. Could this have hurt my baby? Would problems have shown up on my 5 month ultrasound? Was this safe since it was prescription? Thank you for your help.

Yeast Infections During Pregnancy

by David Eschenbach, MD, William Ledger, MD, FACOG and Benson Horowitz, MD

Yeast infections are a common problem for women and some say pregnancy increases your risk. Many women feel they know enough about the condition to take care of it themselves, but for pregnant women, self-diagnosis is a no-no. Tune in as experts discuss why pregnant women are considered more prone to yeast infections and why a doctor's visit is a must.