Getting Pregnant


So: I take birth control. I have 6 beautiful children from my adoring and wonderful husband. But 8 years ago we got stuck with this house. I wouldn't mind having another child if we had different choice in living quarters..but after this last baby I was sure I am done.

June 21st

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So the calculated date of my period was supposed to be today and I haven't had it. I may have not calculated right though because I didn't have a period the month before last and then got my period around the 20th of last month, when it was normally on the 18th, so yeah. I dunno whats going on. I suspect I'll get my period tomorrow or the next day. But wouldn't it be exciting if I was pregnant!? I hope so, but if not, there is always next month (:

I might have succeded

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ok, so i was supposed to start my period on may 17, 2011. I haven't started yet and i'm 8 days late.. My boyfriend and i talked about it and if I haven't started by this coming friday im going to get a test.. im starting to get really excited.. I'm going to be crushed if i end up not being pregnant.. This is so amazing i really think i am this time i just hope im not just making myself think i am.. i will be heart broken and so will my boyfriend if im not.. comment please!! i need support! Smile

not ready yet (:

My mother-in-law sent my husband and I a Christmas card this year with money (as our gift) and a funny little note written at the bottom; "this is bribe money for grandchildren!" We both got a kick out of that. She told my husband over the phone a few days ago that she forgot to say what she had been wanting for Christmas. . .three guess as to what that was! Yep, a grandbaby.