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Can I Get Pregnant?

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Dear Midwife,
I am wondering because I had dry sex with my boyfriend almost three weeks ago? -that was like a week and a half after my period had ended-. There was no sexual intercourse, we both kept our underwear on. Not only was I wearing underwear, but also a pad (on of those light days one).

tryin not to get my hopes up....

at this very moment i could be pregnant.

its funny the way people, including myself, believe everything happens for a reason.
when i was younger i always dreamed of 2 beautiful little boys. beautiful colorful dreams filled w/ sunshine. they were mine. they were always about the same age. as lovely as i could imagine. but dreams, only dreams.

in my early 20's i was diagnosed w/ PCOS and HPV .
i'm now 27.
so early on i knew my odds of having children, being that i never cycled unless on the pill.
i am, however, aware of when i ovulate. i didnt often but i knew when i did.

Never give up!

Hi everyone, my name is Terrie im a 34 year old mom from Austin. I wanted to share my story because its been a true miracle that i am even writing this. A little history about me i got married young and had my son who is now 13 (going on 14). A couple years later i decided that i would try for #2. I got pregnant so easily with my son that i thought it would be a slam dunk.. Well, the weeks turned into months turned into years... I tried EVERYTHING you can think of eating super healthy, exercise, herbs, accupuncture.............Nothing.


About a year ago I found out I was pregnant for the very first time. That morning I had told my husband that I thought I was pregnant and he just waved it off, not really believing me. To his defense I had thought this or that must be pregnancy for a little while before that. I had been so worried about getting pregnant before my wedding. However my wedding had just passed and i just knew that I was pregnant this time.

Playing the waiting game...

I am new to this site and just wanted to say how EXCITED I am to have found it. I am 26 and have been wanting to start a family for about 4 years. However, life takes its toll and it somehow seemed that it was never the right time. I have now finished school and I got married last April. I was finally ready and my husband wasn't. I was devastated, I just figured we'd be ready at the same time, I hated wondering when he was going to be ready...would it be months, days, or years??