Labor and Delivery

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery is fast becoming a popular choice of procedure for both men and women who have been affected by hair loss. Losing your hair, especially for men, might appear to be a minor problem but there are many people who find it difficult to accept. This leads to frustration, anxiety and depression. Some people find that they become isolated as a result and are unable to discuss their feelings about this with anyone for fear of ridicule. But losing your hair is no laughing matter.

Trying to Conceive

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My husband and I got married Nov 8th, 2010 and we have decided it is probably time to start trying. I am in school and work a part-time job and he is in the USAF. There is going to be a waiting list for the program I want to do, so now is better than ever if I am going to have a break anyways from school.

For C-Section Moms

This is my first time on this sight before. I just want to hear from ob/gyn professionals or moms out there who have had more than three c-sections and especially those who have experienced vertical c-sections. I'm 22 years old and I have three children and a daughter that I'm scheduled to have my fourth vertical c-section with November 27th.

The Importance of Hydration

We all know how important it is to drink lots of fluids, especially water. Picture this: you are watching a marathon on television, and kind volunteers wearing colorful vests are handing out bottles of water to the runners. The marathoners drink as they run, thirstily pouring the water down their parched throats. They then throw the bottles away, and with renewed energy and strength, they charge through the finish line...Victorious

Well pregnancy and childbirth are just like marathons, and women need to be aware of the importance of remaining hydrated throughout the process.

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depression . I was sad but i decided to move on . Of April of last year I got married , and months later I became pregnant. I still am now pregnant with my baby girl who I plan on naming , Lola . I am due in September and life has been well to me . My twins have started pre-k , and are very intelligent . So I hope to continue on to the future , hopefully having my next child in 4 years . I have to let the past go . Now my mom is in my life and comes to see her grandchildren alot .