The Big Day

  • Cord Blood Facts

    Cord blood is a non-controversial source of "stem cells," which has the ability to differentiate into any type of blood cell and stimulate new growth throughout the body. It is being used in the treatment of over 40 life-threatening diseases.

  • Before Hiring a Midwife

    Before you hire a midwife, be sure to interview several carefully. Take your time reviewing their history, call up their references, have a list of questions handy, research the legal issues in your state and ask the midwife for proof of her certification.

  • Podcast: The Politics of Birthing

    Episode 8: The Politics of Birthing with Cynthia Flynn, CNM, PhD. - September 17, 2009 Listen Now

  • Top Ten Tips for Creating Your Birth Plan

    Many pregnant women feel unprepared for one of the hardest and yet most rewarding days of their lives, the day they give birth to a child.

  • The "organizer junkie's" guide to getting ready for baby

    There isn't a "one-size fits all" organizational method that works for everyone. But we can help you get the whole "getting ready for baby" experience to be a pleasantly organized one. Find out how!

  • Labor soon?

    Just wondering... I am 37 weeks pregnant with my second child - you would think I would have this down but I have forgotten a lot of this... I am having tons of braxton hicks, sharp pain down there, especially if I get up at all and walking for over 10 minutes, forget it! I know that noone can predict it for sure but does anyone have an idea of how far away labor is and should I wait until full blown contractions start to go to hospital? I'm 30 minutes away from it... Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  • Fueling Up During Labor

    Women need energy for labor. Is eating and drinking during labor only natural or is it a bad idea? Learn what research says regarding conventional obstetrical practices.

  • Three Things Nurses Wish You Knew About Childbirth

    Wonder what labor and delivery nurses think women can do to better prepare for childbirth? PAC/LAC asked perinatal nurses in Southern California. Here are the top three replies.

  • Labor and Birth Terms to Know

    If you've been reading about labor or birth and are wondering what some of the terms mean, check out list out for concise definitions and links to more information.

  • Baby Seth Feb 8th 2013

    My Baby Arrived Right on my due date Feb 8th 2013 @4:15pm

    BC time weighed in at 8lbs 4 os 21.5 inches tall 37.5 cm head circ
    I named him Seth James .