The Big Day

  • Cord Blood Facts

    Cord blood is a non-controversial source of "stem cells," which has the ability to differentiate into any type of blood cell and stimulate new growth throughout the body. It is being used in the treatment of over 40 life-threatening diseases.

  • Before Hiring a Midwife

    Before you hire a midwife, be sure to interview several carefully. Take your time reviewing their history, call up their references, have a list of questions handy, research the legal issues in your state and ask the midwife for proof of her certification.

  • Labor Day Tips for You and Your Canine Buddy

    Ideally you will want to labor at home as long as you choose. However, your dog may respond to the changes in your moods, scents, and behaviors. With this in mind, I offer these important "labor day" tips for you and your canine buddy.

  • Laboring on Labor Day

    Labor Day honors the workers contributing to the well-being of our country. For us mommies though, the holiday takes on a whole other meaning!

  • Partner Afraid to Attend the Birth

    My husband doesn't think he can handle being in the room when I have the baby. Pain is not something that he does well with and the sight of blood makes him freak. Is it hopeless to think that he can overcome this?

    My family and friends all are giving us both a hard time about this as otherwise they view him being "unsupportive." I’d like to give him the benefit of a doubt as this is the way he's been as long as I've known him (10 years!)

    Thanks for the help!

  • Babies' First Bacteria Depend on Birthing Method

    The delivery methods of babies have potential implications for the health of infants as they grow and develop.

  • What to Expect: When the Baby's Crowning

    Crowning: I had two main concerns. Would the baby even fit through there and if so, how much damage would there be to the tissues?

  • Lifetime Interview with Dr. Jones and Nurse Amanda from "One Born Every Minute"

    We recently had an exclusive opportunity to connect with Dr. Stuart Jones and one of his head nurses, Amanda Monaghan of "One Born Every Minute," on LifetimeTV. See what they have to say about the show and the families!

  • Agreeing on a Birth Plan


    My partner wants a hospital birth complete with an OB/GYN. My preference is a home birth with a midwife but I was willing to compromise on using a birth center. He's not budging.

    What are some ways that I can help him move away from this sterile birth experience to one that I'm more comfortable with other than just telling him "I'm not doing it!" and creating another war?

    I get that is how his sisters and friends' wives delivered but this is MY birth experience, too!

  • False Labor or Preterm Labor? How to Know the Difference

    Is it false labor or preterm labor? Since preterm babies are at higher risk of needing hospitalization, having long-term health problems and dying, it is important for you to know and understand the difference.