The Big Day Articles

  • Before Hiring a Midwife

    Before you hire a midwife, be sure to interview several carefully. Take your time reviewing their history, call up their references, have a list of questions handy, research the legal issues in your state and ask the midwife for proof of her certification.

  • Cord Blood Facts

    Cord blood is a non-controversial source of "stem cells," which has the ability to differentiate into any type of blood cell and stimulate new growth throughout the body. It is being used in the treatment of over 40 life-threatening diseases.

  • Birth Bag Tips and Checklist

    Whether you're giving birth at a hospital or birthing center, it doesn't so much matter the where as the 'what' to bring with you. Remember, only bring what makes sense to you and leave your valuables at home -- it will be one less thing to worry about. This is a comprehensive list that you can use as a guide to pick and choose the items that seem right for you.

  • Why Ice Chips Can Chip Away at a Healthy Birth

    During one of the most physically intense events of their lives, women are still routinely limited to ice chips and sips of water during labor, despite strong research showing no benefit, and possible harm to women and their babies.

  • Cord Blood 101: The Essential Basic Knowledge of Cord Blood Science

    During pregnancy, options of 4-D ultrasound, high resolution ultrasound, pre-implantation genetic sampling and placental cord blood stem cell storage are several among many choices that will have to be considered.

  • VBAC Scare Tactics: Big Baby, Big Problems

    Many women who want to have a vaginal birth after cesarean in the U.S. and elsewhere have faced some sort of opposition from their care providers when they have expressed their desire to VBAC. Oftentimes, this opposition comes in the form of "VBAC scare tactics."

  • The Onset of Labor

    The birth of your child is nothing less than an extraordinary feat of nature that involves an intricate sequence of events. Every pregnancy is different, and every childbirth is different. Yet most follow the same prescribed path of what physically unfolds in the body.

  • Top Ten Tips for Creating Your Birth Plan

    Many pregnant women feel unprepared for one of the hardest and yet most rewarding days of their lives, the day they give birth to a child.

  • Three Things Nurses Wish You Knew About Childbirth

    Wonder what labor and delivery nurses think women can do to better prepare for childbirth? PAC/LAC asked perinatal nurses in Southern California. Here are the top three replies.

  • Podcast: The Politics of Birthing

    Episode 8: The Politics of Birthing with Cynthia Flynn, CNM, PhD. - September 17, 2009 Listen Now