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Add some giggles to your gifts

by Kas Winters, Mother of Family Ideas™ Family gift giving fun!

In our family, we focus more on the fun of being together than on the gifts given or received. Some of the most memorable items exchanged are often inexpensive, handmade or ones that make us laugh. We'll admit that opening gifts is seldom boring, but it's quite a bit of fun to make the exchange itself amusing. We remember those chuckles for years.

The Fun and Art of Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkin carving, painting, or decorating is one of those activities that can bring family members of all ages and descriptions together for a good time. It fun and a bit messy, which many kids enjoy. Parents can teach safety for use of sharp tools, while providing an opportunity for creativity to blossom. This activity, along with the family conversations that occur when you are playing together can make memories that last a lifetime.