Behavior & Development

Breaking Down Myths About Autism

There's a popular myth -- one of several surrounding autism -- that you can't diagnose this disease until a child is well into childhood. In reality, the signs are evident as early as 18 months of age, or sometimes even sooner. The signs often show up early in a baby's life: He doesn't babble or coo like other infants. Later, he may fail to gesture, point or make eye contact.

Why Kids Misbehave

When children misbehave, our gut reaction is to do whatever we can to stop it and stop it fast! There are big problems with this approach. Instead of reacting, have your response focus on the core issue and teach the child how to resolve that core issue through positive behavior.

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Words Will Devastate Me!

The "R" word.  Well, that's progress.  At least we are calling it the "R" word, suggesting the entire word should not be spoken aloud.  Retard.  Retarded.  As in, "I'm so retarded."  "What a retard."  Bantered about without much forethought--by most.  It hurts those of us who have children who are, in fact, mentally retarded.

12 months to the day!!

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well it's 12 months almost to the day that I managed to get myself and my 2 children out of a very nasty lifestyle. The father of my 2 very lovely children was abusive to me for 8 years. Although not always physically abusive he tormented me mentally and was verbally abusive, emotionally abusive and controlling. I had to ask for money to get things for the kids, which I did not always get either.