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2 before 20

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So my first pregnancy was when i was 15 years old and it was during my sophomore year of high school. not really my fault or anything, just put myself in a bad situation but hey couldn't change the past. but i found out my child was gonna be a boy and i was happy. when i was 16 i had him. he was due may 1st but he came 2 wks and 4 days early. it was apr. 13th 2007. he was 7lbs 6 oz and 20.5 in. long. i named him trentyn xavier. his labor/delivery was really easy, only about 5 and a half hours long and with no pain meds and vaginal, with an episiotomy. i gained about 45 pounds with it.

High Risk Kids

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Hi Dr. Laura,
My husband and I are seriously considering assuming permanent guardianship for 3 young children, and particularly the youngest. Their mother is a foster-sister. Here are details:

Children are 16 months, 2½ and 4.
Their mom is a little slow mentally.
She breastfed each to age one or so.
The children have been shifted around once they hit toddler age.
There is obvious developmental delay.
They don't mind going with unfamiliar people, but do panic if you put on your coat. It is as if they're afraid you will leave without them.

The First Signs of Intelligent Life: Awaken Your Baby's Inner Resources

by Joseph Garcia

Communication is one of the first challenges babies encounter. When children begin to communicate, they attempt to arrange in their minds the world around them and begin to understand and react to situations. The child observes and experiments with life to gain knowledge and confidence. Communication plays a critical role in helping the child interact with the world and become socially engaged.

Getting Started Signing with Your Baby

We all know that communication is an essential component of a child's development. Infants are able to make sense of our complex world long before they can talk. Do you wish your baby could tell you such things as "I'm hungry," "I'm thirsty," "I have an earache" before they can speak? Parents are amazed how much earlier a hearing baby can communicate with their hands using American Sign Language.

How Is Your Child "Smart?"

Helping a child to utilize his own special strengths and skills may mean looking beyond what the policy makers and society typically consider "smart." According to psychologist Howard Gardner, you shouldn't be trying to determine how smart a child is; rather, you should be trying to determine how a child is smart.