Childcare Articles

  • Sick Kids and Daycare: When to Send Them

    Your child has been sick. You need to be at work. When can he return to daycare? Do siblings need to stay home? Since illnesses are transmitted differently, answer can vary. Find out for these common diseases (listed in alphabetical order:

  • Stay-at-Home Moms Aren't Free Daycares

    Stay-at-home moms face lots of daily challenges. What happens when a good friend starts to take advantage of a mom who chooses to stay home? Find out what one mother's solution is.

  • Daycare vs. Nannycare: The Pros and Cons

    Choosing childcare is one of the most difficult jobs of new parents. In-home care or out of home care, daycare or private home -- discover the pros and cons of the various options.

  • A Babysitter for Toddlers

    If the question is "Can I leave my toddler with our twelve-year-old daughter?" the answer is No! Babysitting has not received the attention it truly deserves. Remember, you are entrusting your child's life with this person.

  • Twenty-first Century Sneeze

    Recently, a friend mentioned that schools are encouraging children to sneeze on their arm sleeve instead of their hand. The old adage "cover your mouth when you sneeze" takes on a new perspective. Now to demonstrate, instead of using a cupped hand, one would need to sweep your entire arm across your face. The 21st century sneeze.

  • Simple Mommy Secrets to Stop Your Little Biter

    Do you have a biter on your hands? Biting is among the most bothersome and embarrassing kid behaviors.

  • Kids in Home Day Care Need to Move More

    A study by the American College of Sports Medicine found that, on average, two- to four-year-olds in home day care were inactive for 264 of the 330 minutes when the children were awake.

  • Dealing With Separation Anxiety In Small Children

    You have a beautiful child who is the epitome of independence. S/he plays well alone or with other children and sleeps alone at night. There is just one problem Your sweet, independent little angel refuses to allow you out of his/her sight.

  • Flexible Spending Accounts Facts for Families with Children

    FSAs cover more than just the trip to the doctor's office. Think of FSAs as being very broad when it comes to health or medical expenses -- the odds are that something is covered by it if you are ever curious.

  • Seven Considerations When Choosing Childcare

    In addition to considering colors for the nursery and what type of stroller to use, working mothers also have the enormous task of deciding what kind of care provider they will select for their children.