Childcare Articles

  • Sick Kids and Daycare: When to Send Them

    Your child has been sick. You need to be at work. When can he return to daycare? Do siblings need to stay home? Since illnesses are transmitted differently, answer can vary. Find out for these common diseases (listed in alphabetical order:

  • Stay-at-Home Moms Aren't Free Daycares

    Stay-at-home moms face lots of daily challenges. What happens when a good friend starts to take advantage of a mom who chooses to stay home? Find out what one mother's solution is.

  • Daycare vs. Nannycare: The Pros and Cons

    Choosing childcare is one of the most difficult jobs of new parents. In-home care or out of home care, daycare or private home -- discover the pros and cons of the various options.

  • A Babysitter for Toddlers

    If the question is "Can I leave my toddler with our twelve-year-old daughter?" the answer is No! Babysitting has not received the attention it truly deserves. Remember, you are entrusting your child's life with this person.

  • Seven Tips for Hiring a Babysitter

    "Take some time for yourselves. Create a date night. Hire a babysitter and spend quality quiet time together. But finding a babysitter who has a similar parenting style to your own is no easy task. More and more parents are struggling to find a compatible, reputable babysitter, even if it's for a few hours a month.

  • How to Hire a Babysitter Online

    Hiring a babysitter used to be such a simple process: plan a night out, call the neighborhood girl to come over, pay her a few dollars an hour and enjoy your evening. These days it isn't so easy. Check out these helpful tips!

  • The Pros and Cons of In-home Childcare

    Choosing childcare is one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make as a parent-but also one of the most important. That's why it's important to learn as much as you can about your various childcare options so that you can make the decision that's right for your family.

  • Building Baby's Brain: What Child Care Can Do

    Where a child receives care is less important than the quality of care she receives. Lots of research has examined the necessary conditions in children's care arrangements, whether by parents or child-care providers, that help children grow up healthy and happy.

  • Checking Babysitter References: Approaches, Questions, and Answers

    Even if you're considering a babysitter who is applying for her first sitting job, you should ask each candidate for references before you turn over your house keys and precious little handfuls.

  • The Daycare Blues

    You've just started your two-year-old in a new childcare arrangement. You're thrilled with his new childcare provider, but he doesn't want anything to do with her. He protests loudly when it's time for you to say goodbye and you drive to work feeling miserable about the entire situation.