Preconception Checkups

Preconception Checklist

Wondering what to expect at your preconception appointment? The following checks or tests may be made by your doctor before making the decision of pregnancy, in order to ensure you will have as trouble-free a term as possible and good health for the growing baby.

Fertility Testing

After a series of disappointing "negatives" showing up you may feel that "your time" to become a parent is out of reach. You definitely are not alone nor is your situation hopeless. Your doctor may recommend a complete medical workup of you and your partner. In this article you'll find typical tests you may face, discover why they are recommended, and remain empowered throughout your trying to conceive journey!

Improving Sperm

If you or your partner's sperm quality is low, your doctor may suggests techniques, such as filtering, washing, that are designed to improve chances of getting pregnant. Learn more about these tests, why they are used and their effectiveness.