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  • Did TIME Magazine's Breastfeeding Cover Go Too Far?

    TIME magazine's latest cover shows a three-year-old boy standing on a chair nursing from his mother. We can hear the gasps from across the country. Do you think it's gross or over-the-line? Is this really just part of everyday normal parenting? You tell us!

  • Mom Awakes to Stranger Nursing Her Baby

    Imagine waking up in bed and finding a strange woman by your side nursing your baby! Yes, nursing your baby! This is exactly what happened to a woman in Brooking, South Dakota.

  • Caffeine Could Be Keeping Your Baby Up All Night!

    We know that too much caffeine during pregnancy is ill-advised, however, too much caffeine while breastfeeding can cause a serious health problem for your little one.

  • Is Your Baby Sleeping with a Meat Cleaver?

    Co-sleeping has always been a controversial subject but a new campaign by the city of Milwaukee against co-sleeping has people talking.

  • Breastfeeding: 9 Essential Steps to Success

    Most pregnant women are nervous about whether they will be able to breastfeed. Successful nursing starts with your intention. Here, 9 strategies to insure happy breastfeeding for mother and child.

  • Benefits of Infant Massage

    Hello all readers/bloggers.

  • What's Wrong with Pacifiers?

    A mom asked me recently "Should a natural mama ever consider using a pacifier?" I know there are experts who disagree with me, but the short answer is Yes, I could see that happening -- Rarely. Every baby is different and some simply have very strong comfort sucking needs.

  • Are you interested in prenatal yoga?

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  • Breast Milk Kills HIV and Blocks Its Oral Transmission in Humanized Mice

    Although almost half of infant HIV infections are attributed to breastfeeding, most breastfed babies are not infected with HIV. Researchers are left wondering if breastfeeding prevents HIV instead of causes it. New research explores the question using a humanized mouse model.