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  • it has been 4 years

    it has been 4 years...and i have totally forgotten abt this website until a reminder was given to me ..hehe... "baby" is now a preschooler in a daily 3 hours nursery ( week days) ...

  • Celebrity Round-Up: Births, Divorces and Unwelcome Outings!

    This week's round-up includes "Housewives," births, divorce and unwelcome outings! Could it get any better? Ready for the buzz? Let's go!

  • Four-Year-Old Hero Who Saved Drowning Girl Dies

    The selfless act of a four-year-old turns tragic as the hero didn't make it. Read about the amazing Xander Vento and the tough decision his parents had to make.

  • Beyond Pink vs Blue

    Following some friend requests, and just aiming at sharing information in case someone finds it useful, I finally created a blog with ideas about maternity and children: games, baby science, useful pu

  • Father Refuses to Approve Daughter's Make-a-Wish Disney Trip

    Four-year-old cancer patient McKenna May of Haskins, Ohio, was granted her wish for a Disney World trip by the Make-a-Wish Foundation, but her father nixed it and refused to sign the required approval.

  • Three-Year-Old Accidentally Kills Father -- Tragic Reminder About Gun Safety

    It was a typical family weekend for one family in Indiana. 33-year-old Michael Payless brought his gun to a home he was renovating in Salem. While watching TV with two of his children, his three-year-old son found the loaded gun and it accidentally discharged, killing Michael. No one else was hurt.

  • Kindergarten Leads to Higher Crime Rates

    Does kindergarten lead to a life of crime? According to one legislator, the answer is yes. No matter what side of the political aisle you're on, this is the kind of story that will likely leave you shaking your head.

  • Good Samaritan Saves Baby Boy from Subway Tracks

    It was a windy afternoon on the "J" subway platform on the New York subway at Van Siclen Avenue. A mother had her one-year-old baby boy in a stroller with her. Her three other children were on a bench.

  • Food Pouches For Kids -- Good Idea or Lazy Parenting?

    Getting toddlers and little kids to eat nutritious, balanced meals or even to get them to eat at all can be tough. To help combat this problem, companies like Kraft and Nabisco created highly processed, heavily packaged items that are found in many school cafeterias.

  • Dad Kills Child's Molester -- Grand Jury Says Dad is Justified

    In a chilling scenario, a young rancher in Texas hears his little girl screaming and goes searching for her. He finds A 47-year-old ranch hand with his pants and underwear down, raping his five-year-old daughter.

  • Toddler Found Holding Loaded Handgun During Routine Traffic Stop

    It takes a lot to shock police these days. It's rare, if not unheard of to be faced with what Chicago police found on one particular routine traffic stop.

  • It's Illegal to Sell Expired Baby Food in California and Other Head Shaking Laws

    Wasn't selling expired baby food always illegal? Apparently not. Until the dawning of 2012, it was apparently legal for retailers to sell expired baby food and baby formula in California.

  • Attachment Parenting Under Scrutiny

    The TIME magazine article and its striking cover made quite an impression throughout the media and internet last week and while many found it offensive, others felt it was about time.

  • Is Kourtney Kardashian Strange for Co-Sleeping with Her Toddler?

    On the premiere of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" Sunday night, it was revealed that Kourtney co-sleeps with her toddler, Mason (who is just adorable), while her baby daddy sleeps in another room. This is not so unusual, nor, do we think, such a crazy thing.

  • Mom Drives Off with Six-Month-Old on Top of Her Car

    A mother in Phoenix, Arizona will not be nominated for "Mother of the Year" anytime soon. 19-year-old Catalina Clouser made headlines Saturday after she drove off with her six-month-old son on the roof of the car. Thankfully, he was in his car seat which saved his life.

  • Laughing Through the Chaos - 5 milligrams is all it takes

    I've got a great support network of other moms online, and one day I told them that I was really irritable and stupid little things were really pissing me off. I told them that I'd cry really easily over stuff that never would have bothered me before. Postpartum depression was brought up. I shrugged it off and said - nope, not me, not depressed.

  • Brave Mom Catches Child Molester with Cellphone Camera

    Thanks to a courageous little girl and her mom, there is one less child molester roaming the streets of New York city today.

  • Boy Sends Piggy Bank to Football Player to Get Him to Stay

    Who says generosity is dead? I doubt running back Brandon Jacobs would say so. He just received one young fan’s entire piggy bank savings in an effort to keep him in New York!

  • Prevent Fighting: Sibling Rivalry

    Most parents rank kids' fighting with each other as the parenting issue that most bothers them, and that they feel least able to prevent. All kids fight, and all kids need to learn social skills for handling conflict, which is an important part of their EQ, or Emotional Intelligence Quotient.

  • Airbrushed Preschool Picture Angers Mom

    Would you be upset if a school picture photographer took it upon himself to "improve" your child's appearance by removing a birthmark from her picture? How about furious?