Fitness and Nutrition

  • Exercise Can Make Childbirth Faster and Easier

    Want to make your birthing experience faster and easier? Would you just love to avoid an arduous and prolonged second stage of labor?

  • Nutrition During Your Pregnancy

    It is important that you eat a variety of nutritious foods during your pregnancy to ensure that your body and the baby that is growing inside of you get all the right nutrients, and also to ensure that you control your weight gain. If you choose to eat a variety of nutritious foods, you will be assured of consuming adequate calories and an ideal weight gain.

  • First Baby!

    I have only been married for about three months, and we became pregnant unexpectadly.

  • Weight Loss During Pregnancy


    Dear Fitness Expert,
    I'm 26 years old and 6 months pregnant with my first child. I have gained 25 pounds in the past 6 months. I'm 5'9 and approximately 230 pounds.

    I was a bit overweight before I got pregnant and I am having so much trouble trying to exercise. I can't keep up, I get tired too quickly, and can't breath. I used to belly dance and Irish dance for 12 years before I got pregnant so I'm used to being fit, though I've never been "tiny."

    I am really concerned that I'm not going to bounce back after pregnancy.

  • Iron Rich Foods for Pregnancy

    A woman's daily iron needs nearly double during pregnancy. How much is just right? Which is the best way to get enough iron -- food sources or supplements?

  • Where 'O, Where Has My Little Waist gone...

    Have you ever noticed how tiny the women's (and men's) waists were in the 1950s and 1960s? Everyone seemed to have teeny, tiny waistlines. But in the new millennium, medical experts are extremely worried about people's ever expanding waistlines.

  • Running a Marathon?


    Dear Fitness Expert,
    I have been training for the NYC marathon and have completed two marathon's in the past 10 months. I am not a competitive runner, but enjoy marathon running and finished both marathon's in just under 5 hours. I just found out that I am pregnant and will be 6 weeks pregnant during the upcoming run. Both my primary care and OB/GYN had no objections. Both also advised that I be careful not to dehydrate.

  • Zeroing in on Childhood Obesity

    The urgency of the childhood obesity problem is forcing researchers to take new and innovative approaches to tackling this issue.

  • Food Pouches For Kids -- Good Idea or Lazy Parenting?

    Getting toddlers and little kids to eat nutritious, balanced meals or even to get them to eat at all can be tough. To help combat this problem, companies like Kraft and Nabisco created highly processed, heavily packaged items that are found in many school cafeterias.