Fitness and Nutrition

Can't eat meat

I am appx. 9 weeks and have terrible morning sickness and can not stand to eat meat anymore. Can anyone please help me with some kind of way to get protien in me with out getting sick. I am however loving all the raw veggies, especially cucumbers. This is my first baby and I'm going in for my first offical check up in 2 days.

the life changes

the begining of my new life. theres so much to learn about and discover. its so wonderful to make such a beautiful thing. theres so much to come and have so many questions to ask. makes me nervious alot of the time. like am i going to be a good mom. suport she/he the right way. when i am pregnant i worry about the baby if its growing right and getting all the nutrients she/he needs.

Week 11

Today I am 11 weeks pregnant. Last week I noticed that my body was a bit more achy than normal. Im sure this is one of the "splended" feelings of being pregnant. So, I decided to treat myself to a pair of Sketchers Shape ups.