men discust me

well i hate men alot because my man left me homeless and i am pregnant im expecting a boy and im very happy to become a mother but to have someone u love and give up everything to be with them and to make him happy it dosent work thank god for my family for them stepping in and saying we love u and that unborn child well help u out alot and be here for u so with the help of my wonderfull sister and mom i am now doing ok i just found out im having a boy and im not naming him after his father the loser doesnt need to know his child seeing as hes got a new girl in a matter of a month well that

A Lie That I Have To Tell

I have been dying to let you know how much I love you. I have been dreaming to hold and hug you tight. I have been imagining you are my husband. I love you that's all I know. And I know you love me too.

If I could only bring the past back then I would really be glad to be a part of you. Remember when we watched the Korean Movie Millionaire's First Love? That was the first time I saw you cry. I was amazed how a huge guy like you could cry on a short love story. Then I realized you are capable being touched, being hurt, be in pain.