hi im 18 years old i been with muh husband almost two years i lived with him for 5 months the last three months i lived with him were livin hell!!!he had told me he couldnt have kids i believed him n didnt use protection...for those three or four months i didnt get pregnant untill i was goin back home to california never expected i end up pregnant...three weeks had past n i didnt get my period so

The Test

I just recently found out that I'm pregnant. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I purchased a couple store-bought tests, and they all came out positive. Unfortunately, since it's the weekend, I can't schedule an appointment at the local clinic until Monday, so I'm left wondering. I'm mainly concerned because I have no idea what to do or how my life-style should change. You see, I'm young, only twenty, and I'm the first one in my family generation to get pregnant, so there's no one I can even ask. I'm not sure what I shouldn't eat, when I should go to the doctor's, how to become financially stable, etc. Also, I'm worried about telling my family, so that makes it worse. I currently live with my boyfriend of three years and I'm about two hours from all friends and family. I'm alone. I'm worried about having to go through it by myself. I guess I'm just worrying too much already.

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Approximately 18 years after being told he'd most likely never have children, my boyfriend and I found out we're pregnant! We've been "trying but not trying" for the past two years and gave up all hope at this point. The funny part is, the day we found out is also the day we got a letter from the hospital where he had cancer treatment (for Hodgkin's Disease) saying he was definitely NOT fertile. However, 3 HPT's and positive bloodwork later, we're about 7 weeks along and hoping for the best. Although this couldn't have come at worse time, we're very excited (nervous, scared, etc).


So I just found out that I am pregnant, about 6 weeks along. It's an extremely unexpected pregnancy, and for my roommate/ex, an unwanted one. He's 19, not even 20, and for a while when we had talked before he had said we can't get pregnant because he can't have a kid at 19. Ever since I told him he's been blaming me for getting pregnant, saying I wanted to, that I'm one of those psycho girls who gets pregnant to keep their boyfriend around, and that I want to f*ck his life up.

I need Some Answers Help Please !!!

Hello, I Have Been with my boyfriend for over 14 months now and i am getting really broody as i have grown up with 5 nephews they are now embetween the ages of 8-15 months. My boyfriend has one child who he doesn't get to see but because of that he won't have a child with me. I also have the implant but he said i can't get it out because he doesn't want me to get pregnant. I really want a baby and have thought about it for a long time now.
what shall i do????

Empathy for a Father

Many mothers say they wish their partner sympathized more with their situation. But the other side of the coin is also often true: that a father wishes his partner understood HIM more. Since one of the best ways to receive more understanding and consideration is to give it, let's take a moment to explore empathy for a father.

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depression . I was sad but i decided to move on . Of April of last year I got married , and months later I became pregnant. I still am now pregnant with my baby girl who I plan on naming , Lola . I am due in September and life has been well to me . My twins have started pre-k , and are very intelligent . So I hope to continue on to the future , hopefully having my next child in 4 years . I have to let the past go . Now my mom is in my life and comes to see her grandchildren alot .