Living Green

  • Five easy ways to eat less sugar

    While you can't avoid sugar completely, there are some easy ways to make changes that will have a big effect. Make big strides to cut down on added sugar — and calories — with just a few small changes.

  • Natural cold and flu remedies for you and your family

    If you're not one to take the flu shot, there are some natural ways to help prevent and possibly reduce the symptoms of the common cold and in turn, raise your immunity during this nasty flu season.

  • Toxic indoor air pollution in your baby's nursery

    You envision your wee one snoozing peacefully in the carefully chosen crib with sweet stuffed animals watching from their perch on a nearby shelf. But what poison could be lurking in the air in your home?

  • Have a frightfully green Halloween

    Being green on Halloween is easy. All you have to do is make choices that are people-healthy, animal-friendly and earth-conscious. These ideas can turn your holiday an eco-friendly hue.

  • Encourage your baby's curiosity with a eureka moment

    Heuristic play utilizes a baby's curiosity. The term, coined by child psychologists Elinor Goldschmeid and Sonia Jackson. The word stems from the same root as eureka -- "I found it!" Put together a treasure basket and watch your baby discover and learn.

  • Create a safe environment for your baby

    During your pregnancy you make sure your baby has all the building blocks to grow and develop and avoided things that might be harmful. Your next goal is providing a quality environment for your baby-to-be.

  • Green Nurseries -- Detoxify and Protect Your Baby

    Are you eager to get started on the baby's room and get it all put together? As you're planning, consider one additional step -- using environmentally-friendly products.

  • FDA Behind in Banning BPA in Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups

    The FDA announced in July 2012 that baby bottles and sippy cups can no longer contain bisphenol-A. This comes after manufacturers had already phased out the chemical in these products due to safety concerns and consumer pressure. Why was the FDA late to the party?

  • Top Ten Green Gifts for Father's Day

    Father's Day brings up images of breakfast in bed, homemade cards and crafts, and possibly a little indulgence on dad's part. This year consider going "green" with a gift that reflects the lifestyle of the special men on your list.

  • Creating a Green Kids' Garden

    Do you want your kids to have a meaningful and educational toy? Introduce them to the pleasures of gardening.

  • Baby Food - Organic or Not

    Did you know that by weight, your baby will eat more, drink more, and even breathe more air than you? Not only is this a fascinating fact, it helps to explain that what goes in your baby's little body can have such a tremendous impact.

  • Creating a Green Kids' Garden

    Do you want your kids to have a meaningful and educational toy? Introduce them to the pleasures of gardening.

  • Just Say NO! to BPA

    BPA and other endocrine disrupting chemicals are linked to infertility, cancers and malformations. Want to reduce your exposure? These six simple steps will help!

  • Most Hazardous Car Seats of 2011

    You chose a safe car seat that fit your car, your budget, and your child. Did it come with an unwelcome guest? Dangerous chemical additives could be onboard!

  • Get Back to Family Dinner

    Families today are busy. With after school sports and other activities driving of our lives, a sit down dinner often falls off the "to-do list." But a family dinner is more than just eating vegetables: dinner is an important protective factor in maintaining the health and well-being of your children.

  • Organize Your Laundry Room

    Is your laundry room depressing and disorganized? Let's give it a few hours of loving attention and transform that area into one you'll want to use.

  • .Planning!.

    It`s been so long since I had a journal or blog, so I don`t even know how to begin!

  • "New Car Smell" is a Dangerous Toxic Chemical Cocktail

    "New car smell" has been linked to a wide range of health problems such as allergies, birth defects, impaired learning, liver toxicity, and cancer.

  • Ever Wonder What Your Baby Would Say?

    Have you ever wondered what your baby would say if he or she could talk? What would your baby say as he or she drank warm milk? What would your baby say as you dressed him or her? Read more!

  • The Top Ten Things to Do in Your First Pregnancy

    Congratulations, mom-to-be! Now that you know for sure that you're pregnant, you might be asking yourself, what do I do next?