Grief and Loss

Lost Father to Drunk Driver

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Dear Dr. Laura,
When my oldest son was 19 months old his father was killed by a drunk driver. He's now 3 years old going on 4 and knows his fathers picture when he sees it and knows that daddy is in heaven with angels. Lately though he's started asking if he could go to heaven to see his daddy.

I'm personally still a wreck over the accident and am not sure how I should be discussing his fathers death with him especially since I usually start to cry. Should I keep talking to him about his daddy or should I be holding off until he is older?

Recurring Miscarriage


Dear Midwife,
I am looking forward for advice, who can guide me to take the right path. I am 36 years old, had 4 miscarriages in 2 years. First 3 miscarriages, happened within 10 months. 1st pregnancy went up to 12 weeks and miscarriage happened at home.

Miscarriage Facts

Intercourse, falling, and exercise does not typically cause a miscarriage. The fetus is well protected by the mother's bones and muscle as well as by the amniotic fluid. There is also no evidence that conceiving while taking birth control pills increases the risk of miscarriage.