Grief and Loss

  • Blighted ovum

    I fell in the shower around 9 weeka of pregnancy. My OB wanted to make sure everything was okay so she ordered an ultrasound. My HCG levels were perfect, but there was not detectable fetus.

  • Making time to grieve.

    Pregnancy and infant loss is never easy. The passing often takes with it shattered hearts and dreams of a future far different than the reality. Having to go through this process while still being called on to serve others -- whether that role is bearing work responsibilities, as "mom" for other children, coping with deteriorating health of parents or in-laws, or simply juggling your relationship with your partner -- 'overwhelming' doesn't even come close.

  • Four-Year-Old Hero Who Saved Drowning Girl Dies

    The selfless act of a four-year-old turns tragic as the hero didn't make it. Read about the amazing Xander Vento and the tough decision his parents had to make.

  • My angel baby is going to be a big brother <3

    August 17th, 2005 I gave birth to my angel, Landon. He was stillborn at 36 weeks. I miss him each and every single day. I've always said that I didn't want to have another baby.

  • Helping Grieving Parents Cope: Do's, Don'ts and Tips

    Losing a child sends grieving parents on a journey unlike any other. As a loving family member or friend, you can be an integral source of support and healing.

  • Honor a Special Little Boy By Eating a Banana Split Today

    At 21-months-old, little Ryan is already checking things off his bucket list. Things like petting a puppy, riding a bike and getting a speeding ticket for going too fast in a hospital, where he spends far too much time.

  • Baby Delivered Alive After Pregnant Mom Dies in Car Accident

    A pregnant Indiana mom was killed in a car accident yet her unborn baby was safely delivered via c-section after her death. Her two small children, who were in the backseat, also survived the crash. The baby is clinging to life, according to local police.

  • One Toddler's Sudden Death Gives Life to Several Others

    Eric and Amanda Trant are mourning the unexpected death of their 18-month-old son, Dastan. However, they're also finding comfort knowing his death saved at least three people.

  • Baby Girl Dies Before Completing "Her" Bucket List

    No sooner had the story of this sweet baby girl's terminal condition gone viral but her already expected short life was suddenly cut even shorter.

  • Stillborn Baby Found Alive in Morgue

    The heartache of hearing one's baby is stillborn is unimaginable. Imagine finding out 12 hours later that not only was the baby was alive, but enclosed in a coffin in a refrigerated room.

  • Anger

    Who knew that there are so many reasons to be angry after a miscarriage? I am a mental health care professional so I am well acquainted with the stages of grief. I was not shocked by my shock. I expected and allowed my sadness. What I was not prepared for, however, was the depth and breadth of my anger. I am ANGRY. I am angry with any pregnant woman who has the audacity to be within a 30 foot radius of me.

  • Michelle Duggar's Pregnancy Ends in Miscarriage

    Michelle Duggar, of "19 and counting," has suffered a second trimester miscarriage on December 8, 2011.

  • Responding When People Don't Understand Your Miscarriage

    We've all been there. The moment someone says something hurtful about the loss of our baby. I say it's time to hold our heads high, reclaim our privacy and space, and let people know that what they say is not acceptable. Learn how to educate "the ignorant," "the indignant" and "the idiot" so their next response can help heal a friend facing pregnancy loss.

  • Going on from here

    Two weeks past the event. I have accepted the reality of the miscarriage but I didn't think I'd still be dealing with the physical aspect of it. How can I go on to the next part of my grief and loss while I'm still suffering the bleeding and other side effects of it all.

  • Post-Miscarriage Checklist

    The following is a list of information your doctor will need/ask from you after you have had more than three miscarriages (Habitual Abortions).

  • Helping a Friend Through Pregnancy Loss

    My best friend's baby died at 39 weeks gestation. What could I say? Could I share the pain? Was there anything I could do? I felt so helpless. Since then, I've experienced four pregnancy losses of my own. I hope these glimpses into loss will enable you to help your friend.

  • Ectopic and Infertility

    Two weeks after our long-awaited positive, we found it was an ectopic pregnancy. We were devastated. Now I want answers to why. Can I still get pregnant without treatment? Will it turn out to be normal? I feel hopeless and all alone. My family is more tuned in to my sister being pregnant and forgetting about my loss. I hope you can help! Read Debbie and Mara's reply.

  • Mother's Day With Empty Arms

    There is no simple solution for decreasing the emotional pain of child loss, especially during a holiday such as Mother's Day that is specifically designed to honor mothers. A mother can, however, make some preparations for that day in an attempt to work through her grief rather than facing this holiday with an anticipated dread.

  • Information on Trisomy 13

    The 13th chromosome contains blueprints that direct a baby's development in the early weeks following conception. When a child has an extra 13th chromosome, as is the case in Trisomy 13, the genetic messages are confused and contradictory. Even the mildest forms of this syndrome can be devastating.

  • Common Questions About Miscarriage

    How often do miscarriages occur? What causes a miscarriage? Will I ever be able to have a baby if I've suffered a miscarriage?