Grief and Loss

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Title says it all.

I got up this morning, the morning my period was due and hello, there you are. *sighs*

So, that's now 5 years, 4 months of TTC.

1 month of medical help.

Doc will be looking at drugs next round.

How many rounds are we going to do? I honestly don't know.

I'm not as upset as I thought I was going to be, but I'm still teary. *sighs*

Round 2 coming up in

Miscarriage #2

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I haven't actually written my thoughts down about this until now. I experienced my second miscarriage in 10 years 3 weeks ago. Both miscarriages happened the same way; the embryo stopped developing at 8 weeks. This miscarriage affected me much more than the first. The first miscarriage I was young, and although excited about the prospect of becoming a mother, was somewhat glad the pregnancy terminated. I went on birth control right after that in order to help "plan" a future pregnancy. I went off the pill about 4-5 years ago.


i know i havent posted much since signing up with this site. But i just had a miscarriage this morning around 120am. I was so scared there was so much blood, pain and i couldn't stop crying. I guess it just wasnt meant to be, i just wish things could be different.

thank you