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Not sure what to make of my husband

So we have decided. We are going to try for a second child. He is all for it. We are increasing our sex and not using any barriers. Yet, he keeps saying well I want to go on vacation before we get pregnant. Your not really ovulating right now are you? This is just practicing right? He keeps confusing the heck out of me. Either we are trying to have a child or we are not. There is no in between on this because what happens once I am finally pregnant? Then what. I don't understand and I am horrible at speaking guy.

Excited about becoming a Dad? Not me!

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I discovered that we are pregnant. We weren't trying to get pregnant, although it was part of our plans maybe a year down the road. She has been on a pretty intense diet but the last few weeks she hadn't lost any weight and then she was late. Her dietician advised her to take a test as it wasn't good to continue on the diet if she was pregnant. We drove to the all-night supermarket and bought a couple of mid-priced test kits - after all if we weren't knocked up why waste money right? We got home and she took the test. Sure enough the pink line appeared.

Sex During Pregnancy: What's His Problem?

We've interviewed hundreds of men around the world for our Being Dad films and color, religion or nationality doesn't matter; some men can have sex during pregnancy and some can't. Many women have told us that when their man tells them they aren't interested or can't do it that they perceived it was because he didn't find them attractive in their later stages of pregnancy.