Life is getting crazy but I love it!!

I'm pregnant with my fourth.. Yes my fourth. Eleven weeks in and we are getting ready to move five hours away. In february. With a 2,3, and 6 year old. Pregnant for my fourth and my chihuahua just had five puppies.. Life is crazy.. So I bet your wondering how I deal with it?? Simple.. My husband helps and I just stopped being so picky. My house doesn't have to be spotless.

Parenting Kids & Dogs

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After having already had three children and a houseful of dogs and cats I pretty much thought I was prepared for our fourth baby, Kelsyann. I'm an experienced Mom right?!? This should be easy.

Well boy was I wrong! From the beginning Kelsyann has been a needy baby. Nothing that worked with the others seemed to work for her. This has been interesting, frustrating and challenging at best!

Getting Fur Family Ready for the New Baby

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Our baby is due this summer. I'm concerned how to prepare our pets for the arrival.

I have a 4-year-old cat who has been our little princess since we got her at 8 weeks old. She is spoiled absolutely rotten and is used to getting attention when she wants it. We also have a 150-pound Malamute/Wolf mix who is an absolute sweetheart but is incredibly hyper.

I am afraid of the dog crushing the baby and I am afraid of the cat having fits of jealousy. What should I do for them?

How Will Our Older Dog React to a New Baby?

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Dear Pet Expert,
A year ago my husband rescued a dog approximately 6 years old from an ice storm. She seemed to have been neglected when he found her. She has been a well-behaved dog except occasionally getting in the trash. Within the past month she has began to get into the trash within seconds of us leaving and her new trick is to get into the freezer and eat a pound of ground beef.