Kids Activity Calendar

  • Celebrate Fall with Family

    Celebrate the season of Autumn! From bright fall leaves, crafts, and adventures - your family will find ample opportunities to enjoy this wonderful season!

  • Make Dad’s Father's Day Gift a Personal One from a Child

    This Father's Day enable kids to give a gift of the heart! Kas Winters, Mother of Family Ideas™ has compiled several simple crafts that dad is bound to treasure!

  • Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant surgery is fast becoming a popular choice of procedure for both men and women who have been affected by hair loss.

  • Screen-Free Week

    Adults and children alike are constantly staring at a screen. We have become increasingly dependent upon the technology. Screen-Free Week is a time for participants to turn off and "tune in" plugging into life instead!

  • Kids Activity: Let's Make Sedimentary Rocks

    Would you like to be a detective -- unraveling a mystery of what the world was like hundreds, thousands, and even millions of years ago? One tool for your investigation is sedimentary rock layers.

  • Baby Activity: Messy Ribbon Heart

    When you tap into your baby's creativity and allow him to make a present, giving is all the more fun! Here's a craft for the wee ones that is bound to please both the giver and the recipient alike!

  • Kids' Activity: Earth Hour Ideas

    For just one hour, kids and families and organizations worldwide will come together to turn out their lights and show it's possible to have an impact on climate change. Snag the kids' attention and help them participate in Earth Hour's voluntary power down with these ideas.

  • Are you interested in prenatal yoga?

    Are you interested in learning more about prenatal yoga and its benefits?
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  • mother of 2

    im a mother of a 15 month old daughter and 5 months pregnant with a boy. i need some advice on raising a toddler while being pregnant. your truely 18 year old mom.

  • Kids Activity: Let's Make Sedimentary Rocks

    Would you like to be a detective -- unraveling a mystery of what the world was like hundreds, thousands, and even millions of years ago? One tool for your investigation is sedimentary rock layers.

  • Kid's Activity: Create Your Own Fossil!

    Fossils offer us clues about life in the past -- even years and years ago! Normally when a plant or animal dies, its remains either decay or perhaps are consumed by another animal. Sometimes though before that happens the conditions can be just right and the remains become buried and preserved.

  • Kid's Activity: Let's Make Beanie Pals!

    Need a use for those old single socks you have lying around that long lost their mates? Make this a real household project, creating your own zoo, farm, or "family". See what types of characters you and your family can come up with!

  • Kids' Activity: Fruity Summer Smoothies!

    Smoothies are a cool treat on a lazy summer day. They're nutritious, delicious, and flexible enough to serve at many occasions -- from sitting on blankets watching the clouds to a family party.

  • Kid's Activity: Make Your Own Molding Plastic!

    Today, plastics are most often made from synthetic byproducts of petroleum. Long before that however "natural" plastics were produced from plant and animal products! How would you like to make your very own plastic? You can!

  • Kid's Activity: Action Songs

    Music can be used to both soothe and to energize! The use of action songs introduces children to simple rhythmic patterns as well as increases their gross motor skills. Plus, let's admit it -- it is just plain fun!

  • Kid's Activity: Kid-Friendly Appetizers

    Whether you are entertaining a crowd for a Super Bowl Party or having a celebration fit for just your family, kids love to be included in the process! Here are a few kid-tested and approved recipes that can be prepared ahead of time.

  • Kid's Activity: Learn About Earthquakes!

    Anytime there is an earthquake, the news media makes a big point of talking about the Richter Scale, using it to indicate how bad the earthquake was. As we will see, the Richter Scale does not tell us nearly as much about surface effects as people think it does.

  • Kid's Activity: Let's Get Ready to Garden!

    It's a beautiful, spring day. The kids are ready for an outside activity and so are you! How about creating a kids' garden plot? Preparing your garden begins before planting season arrives. For different areas the preparation time comes in different months.

  • Kid's Activity: Log Cabin Crafts

    Today we're drifting back in time -- back to the days of the early pioneer settlers in the early days of the United States. Most of the homes then, such as the one Abraham Lincoln grew up in, were simple one room cabins. They were made of rough hewn logs. Ours will be made with more readily available materials...