Kids Activity Calendar

  • Celebrate Fall with Family

    Celebrate the season of Autumn! From bright fall leaves, crafts, and adventures - your family will find ample opportunities to enjoy this wonderful season!

  • Make Dad’s Father's Day Gift a Personal One from a Child

    This Father's Day enable kids to give a gift of the heart! Kas Winters, Mother of Family Ideas™ has compiled several simple crafts that dad is bound to treasure!

  • Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant surgery is fast becoming a popular choice of procedure for both men and women who have been affected by hair loss.

  • Screen-Free Week

    Adults and children alike are constantly staring at a screen. We have become increasingly dependent upon the technology. Screen-Free Week is a time for participants to turn off and "tune in" plugging into life instead!

  • Kids Activity: Let's Make Sedimentary Rocks

    Would you like to be a detective -- unraveling a mystery of what the world was like hundreds, thousands, and even millions of years ago? One tool for your investigation is sedimentary rock layers.

  • Baby Activity: Messy Ribbon Heart

    When you tap into your baby's creativity and allow him to make a present, giving is all the more fun! Here's a craft for the wee ones that is bound to please both the giver and the recipient alike!

  • Kids' Activity: Earth Hour Ideas

    For just one hour, kids and families and organizations worldwide will come together to turn out their lights and show it's possible to have an impact on climate change. Snag the kids' attention and help them participate in Earth Hour's voluntary power down with these ideas.

  • Are you interested in prenatal yoga?

    Are you interested in learning more about prenatal yoga and its benefits?
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  • mother of 2

    im a mother of a 15 month old daughter and 5 months pregnant with a boy. i need some advice on raising a toddler while being pregnant. your truely 18 year old mom.

  • Kid's Activity: Bubbles for a Crowd!

    A fun way to spend any day is to pull out a bottle of bubbles. Those bubbles create amazement and excitement in children of all ages. Here we offer an easy recipe so that you can extend the fun by making your own bubble mix as well as really fun toys to make your bubbles big or little!

  • Kids' Activity: Make Creative Cards

    Occasions are a wonderful excuse for a unique, home-made card -- birthdays, holidays, thank-you's, get-well wishes or just because. Everyone loves a child's creative, one-of-a-kind endeavors! Harness that commodity with these tips.

  • Kid's Activity: 100s Day!

    100th Day was actually used to celebrate the 100th day since the beginning of school but has since become a "holiday" in its own right! Here are 100 things to choose from (or all the above over the next 100 days!)

  • Kid's Activity: Edible Apple Fun!

    Apples and fall go together. A day in the snippy autumn weather, a tasty treat or a creative craft media; the apple furnishes it all. Try out these edible treats shared by a preschool teacher!

  • Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant surgery is fast becoming a popular choice of procedure for both men and women who have been affected by hair loss.

  • Kid's Activity: Attracting Wild Birds

    Below you will find activities and suggestions to introduce your child to become more in tune with the world around him. Each of us has appreciation of the world around us. Along with that comes responsibility to take care of it!

  • Kid's Activity: Natural Dyes

    Try out nature's very own dyes! Did you know that a great source for natural dyes can be found right outside your door? Roots, nuts and flowers are just a few common natural ways to make many colors. Yellow, orange, blue, red, green and brown are readily available

  • Kid's Activity: Container Gardening

    School is out less than a week. The pitter-patter of feet has led them to YOU for entertainment. Just what is a parent to do? Get dirty! Literally! We are talking hands in the soil, dirt all over the patio.

  • Kids' Activity: Make Frost!

    Take a can or orange juice from the freezer and set it on the counter for a few minutes. That cold, sugary-looking coating on the outside of the can is frost. Scrape some into your hand. Did it melt into water? Where did the frost on the outside of the can come from? Did it appear out of thin air?

  • Kid's Activity: Let's Make Marbled Paper

    Paper that looks like hunk of marble? Your children will love the fun designs and colors created in this project! Place a few drops of each color into the bottom of the pan and have children stir the colors slightly to mix...