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today i was so excited. My husband and i went to see my OB for the 1 visit since i have found out that i was expecting! We seen the baby and heard the strong little heart beat and i already can not wait til the arrival!!!
We already have a 4 yr old and all of us are so excited about the baby. My hubby is cautious of what i do, he dont want me doing to much of anything and it is kind of gettn on my nerves, but i rather have him this way than not concerned at all.

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month of january

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This is my first time having a child, but I have been pregnant twice before. I have two miscarriages last year and as devastating as it was I waited a long while before I got tested to see if I'm pregnant again even though I have all the signs that I am. Finally I found out and I'm almost done my third month. My first two miscarriages never made it to the second month.


I am hungry and sickly feeling as if I will throw up if I don't have anything as soon as I have a craving. It stinks! I'm seeing Twizler commercials and I think of the different flavores (blue, reds, orange, pink) they sell on the other side of town. Oh, they sound so good right now too. Justin's always touching my belly in wowness. I love it!