Family Finances

  • The Cost of Raising a Child

    This isn't our grandparents' America anymore. When you start to compare how much it costs to raise a child in the U.S. in 1960 to what it costs today, you better have a couch nearby to faint on.

  • Pucker up for New Year's Eve -- relationship savers

    All relations days when you're ready to pucker up and kiss followed by days you'd rather smooch with a rat. As we're heading into 2014, we've chosen 14 issues that commonly affect most couples. Do you recognize any of these roadblocks holding back your togetherness?

  • Stretching your holiday dollar in today's economy

    We know that with the economy, everyone's trying to stretch their holiday dollar a bit more so we've put together some last minute tips to help you out.

  • A Halloween treat: Memories, fun times and a money lesson, too

    See how Lisa and her daughter take the idea of throwing a simple Halloween party and turning it into a money smart lesson, too! This could be the best party yet!

  • Community service and the money smart lesson

    Money smart kids should learn about giving back. Think about the charity and giving side to money. In raising responsible children we need to have them think beyond just saving and wanting for themselves. How do you get your kids involved in community service?

  • Back-to-school shopping strategies -- the pencil case lesson

    Heading out for your anual back-to-school shopping spree? See how Lisa McCarthy uses some on-the-spot creative financial strategies to help teach her daughter a thing or two about stretching the "school supplies" dollar.

  • Moms' back-to-school spending trends for fall 2012

    How do you think moms are spending for back-to-school this fall? The answers might surprise you! What group do you fall into? Will you be shopping online, going in-store or both? What's the must-have item on your list?

  • When life gives you lemons you can make OJ

    When people think about teaching their children about money they think it is about money, saving and investing. But really it is about responsibility and freedom.

  • Summer Camp and the Stock Market

    Funny how so many little things in our children's lives can turn into money lessons that will last a lifetime! When my daughter came home from camp with grand visions of her next adventure I was happy to see it turn into a money lesson as well.

  • The Cost of Raising a Child

    This isn't our grandparents' America anymore. When you start to compare how much it costs to raise a child in the U.S. in 1960 to what it costs today, you better have a couch nearby to faint on.

  • Social Security and Stay-at-Home Moms

    Every May, in honor of Mother's Day, announces how much the work of a stay-at-home mother is worth. Her annual salary, or value, in 2009, since in the real world the salary is a fantasy: an impressive $122,732. It's nice to be valued. What isn't so nice is that although stay-at-home moms are given lip service about their value and importance, full-time stay-at-home motherhood is not recognized as the job it really is.

  • Safety Tips for Yard Sale Treasures

    Summertime is known for the abundance of yard and garage sales, swap meets and barter fairs. Parents and parents-to-be will be scouring, seeking and finding both bargains and treasures galore. Maximize your savings and avoid some dangerous pitfalls!

  • Baby Stuff: What Do You Need?

    Just what exactly do babies really need? And here's the mercenary question we all asked when we saw the price tags -- how much can we expect other people to buy for us?

  • Life is getting crazy but I love it!!

    I'm pregnant with my fourth.. Yes my fourth. Eleven weeks in and we are getting ready to move five hours away. In february. With a 2,3, and 6 year old. Pregnant for my fourth and my chihuahua just had five puppies.. Life is crazy.. So I bet your wondering how I deal with it?? Simple.. My husband helps and I just stopped being so picky. My house doesn't have to be spotless.

  • Baby Bargains: Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Save Big Bucks on Baby Gear

    You've no doubt seen all the scary statistics on the costs of raising children -- numbers that may very well have you second-guessing your decision to toss your birth control pills in the trash! Starting a family doesn't have to lead to financial ruin. There are plenty of practical steps you can take to minimize the impact on your family's budget. Here are a few ideas.

  • Financial Literacy: It's Not What You Think

    April is financial literacy month! Financially literacy is one of the most important life lessons that you can teach your children. Three to four years of age is the perfect time to start them on their road to being personally, financially responsible.

  • Kids and Online Shopping

    Think your kids are too young to get their feet wet in the weird-yet-wonderful world of online shopping? Think again. According to two recent studies from south of the border, young people between the ages of 8 and 24 have taken a shine to online shopping.

  • Summertime and The Money-Smart Kid

    Summertime is an excellent opportunity to get your kids involved with money-smart activities. See what yours can come up with!

  • Are We Raising a Nation of Whiners?

    The bulk of the advertising directed at children today has an immediate goal. "It's not just getting kids to whine..." one marketer explained in "Selling to Kids," "'s giving them a specific reason to ask for the product."