Preparing for Pregnancy

  • The History of the Pregnancy Test

    The pregnancy test and the methods to find out if you're pregnant or not, have gone through a massive transformation.

  • Making couple time over the holidays

    Spending quality time as a couple, even making a baby together should be simple in such an ideal setting. Reality check! While holidays are about loved ones, somehow they don't leave much time for couples. The holidays tend to zap energy from almost every direction and can take a toll on your relationship with your partner.

  • Lower your risk of gestational diabetes with a preconception diet

    Did you know that your diet months and years before pregnancy could lower your risk of gestational diabetes? Eating the right types of foods before before egg meets sperm does make a difference!

  • U.S. preterm births hit new low - still work to do!

    The March of Dimes just released the 2012 Premature Birth Report Card. The U.S. has hit a new 10 year low for preterm births -- a significant improvement now registering at 11.7%! Still, overall, the U.S. scores a "C" as we continue to have a high rate of preterm births comparatively. This is a clear indication of work to be done! Learn more of the resources available here at to help you and your baby with a healthy start!

  • Plan ahead for a healthy baby

    Any project can benefit from a little planning and making a baby is no exception. Your choices now can help ensure a health child, even if you're not planning a new family addition for months or even years.

  • Is the recommended daily dose of folic acid enough for everyone?

    It's well-known that folic acid is part of a healthy regimen for getting pregnant and during pregnancy. What isn't as well-known is that not all women metabolize folic acid in the same way. This could mean that the recommended daily dosage of 400 micrograms may not be enough for everyone.

  • Marijuana Use Before Pregnancy Doubles Risk of Premature Birth

    Using marijuana before pregnancy more than doubles a woman's risk of giving birth to a baby prematurely, according to a new study.

  • Dads-to-Be Under Pressure to Get Pregnant

    Dads-to-be and men choosing childlessness feel the pressure to get pregnant heat up along with the grill when Father's Day comes around. Here's how to reduce the pressure gauge and let a little air out.

  • Baby on the Brain: Your Healthy Body Preconception Checklist

    Even though it's not time to ditch the birth control, you can actively get ready for a baby, starting today. Our pre-pregnancy checklist can help with your future pregnancy.

  • Get Your Finances Ready for Baby

    Whether you have a baby on board or are just thinking about getting pregnant, this checklist can help you plan your finances so you're covered when your baby arrives.

  • The History of the Pregnancy Test

    The pregnancy test and the methods to find out if you're pregnant or not, have gone through a massive transformation.

  • Birth Control: Frequently Asked Questions

    There are several reasons why the Pill can fail, or be less effective. Some medication prescribed by your doctor can have some adverse effects on the pill. Some known medications that can actually lessen the Pill's effectiveness are certain antibiotics...

  • Not Pregnant...again

    I just got my third period after going off birth control and I'm getting pretty antsy. I really want to have a baby and start a family.

  • Are You Ready to Have Another Baby?

    Some women are ready to plunge into another pregnancy while they still have one or more children in diapers, others don't even want to think about seeing the pregnancy test come back positive again until their youngest child hops on the school bus for kindergarten! Here are some factors to consider when you're trying to decide whether you're ready to have another baby.

  • Emotional Mess

    Today I am a mess.

  • Conception Countdown: Your Health Questions Answered

    Does "having a baby" top your list of New Year's Resolutions? There's no time like the present to start preparing your body for pregnancy. Whether this is your first time or you're hoping to conceive your second or subsequent baby, there's plenty you and your partner can do to increase your odds of giving birth to a healthy baby.

  • Fertility and Conception Tips

    Hoping to get pregnant soon? You've come to the right place! Here's everything you need to know to maximize your chances of conceiving quickly and to get your pregnancy off to the healthiest possible start.

  • Anxiety and Depression Before Conception Linked to Baby's Sleep Problems

    Babies are more likely to wake in the night at six and 12 months of age if their moms experienced significant anxiety or depression prior to conception.

  • Afraid to take the test

    I am a new memeber to this site and the ability to blog has got he hooked. I feel like I finally talk about what I feel and what I am going through and maybe someone will TRULY understand.

  • Too Tired

    So I wanted this to be the month that I conceived. I wanted it so bad! I ovulated around my birthday (last weekend) and it would have been the perfect birthday present!