Preparing for Pregnancy Blogs

  • U.S. preterm births hit new low - still work to do!

    The March of Dimes just released the 2012 Premature Birth Report Card. The U.S. has hit a new 10 year low for preterm births -- a significant improvement now registering at 11.7%! Still, overall, the U.S. scores a "C" as we continue to have a high rate of preterm births comparatively. This is a clear indication of work to be done! Learn more of the resources available here at to help you and your baby with a healthy start!

  • How to Know if You are Pregnant

    If only missing period, you can’t be sure about your pregnancy. But if you experience more following signs, you can be sure that you have already had a baby!
    1. Nausea

  • Getting Pregnant

    Though getting pregnant seems easy, the process often requires exquisite timing. Normally, it takes several months or sometimes even years to get pregnant.

  • Return of the Manic Episode

    Amazing how a great end to a bad year can then turn into the start of a new year that is going to be a repeat of the bad year.

    Translation: the return of the manic episode.

  • The beginning

    7 days until my surgery and then we can let the baby making begin! :)

  • #2

    Date: 29-10-2011

  • Starting with hope

    Date: 16-10-2011

    My first experience at serious blogging (well I hope I don't lose interest too soon!) :)

  • Healthy Diet Lowers Risk of Birth Defects

    Reduce the risk of birth defects by choosing healthy food before you get pregnant. A new study from Stanford University shows that diet quality matters -- a lot!

  • So confused...wishing it was easier

    I know my body pretty well. I know the symptoms before my period starts. My breasts usually become tender and sometimes swell a bit a few days before I begin.

  • .Planning!.

    It`s been so long since I had a journal or blog, so I don`t even know how to begin!

  • Not Pregnant...again

    I just got my third period after going off birth control and I'm getting pretty antsy. I really want to have a baby and start a family.

  • Emotional Mess

    Today I am a mess.

  • Afraid to take the test

    I am a new memeber to this site and the ability to blog has got he hooked. I feel like I finally talk about what I feel and what I am going through and maybe someone will TRULY understand.

  • Too Tired

    So I wanted this to be the month that I conceived. I wanted it so bad! I ovulated around my birthday (last weekend) and it would have been the perfect birthday present!

  • deciding to have a baby

    Ok. so me and my husband demetri have decided to have a baby. last tuesday was our one year wedding anniversary and our two year anniversary being together total. he was actually the one who brought it up. i was shocked.

  • Not this Month

    I got a full fledged period yesterday. No baby this month. That's ok though since I should be starting a full time job next week and I should make sure my benefits kick in before I'm pregnant. I know a lot of insurance companies consider pregnancy a "pre-existing condition" so I need to make sure I'm covered before I'm actually pregnant.

  • Getting Pregnant

    Though getting pregnant seems easy, the process often requires exquisite timing. Normally, it takes several months or sometimes even years to get pregnant.

  • AntiDepressants during pregnancy

    I recently read the entry regarding antidepressants and breastfeeding, which was tremendously helpful. I am not pregnant yet, but I will begin trying soon. I am currently on 5 mg of Lexapro for anxiety (I am only 95lbs, so this dose really does help). I will need to stay on the medication during pregnancy and mostly likely beyond. I've been reading that there are certain antidepressants that are noted to be safer than others for the baby. I haven't seen anything on Lexapro. Do you know anything about this medication and its safety?

    Thank you!

  • Help

    So, my fiance and I are gonna try have a baby. We've talked and thought about this and it's my dream to have a child. However, something just keeps sitting in the back of my mind. We're both young but more than prepared, I just can't help but think, what happens if we can't concive.
    that thought terrorfies me like never before. Is this normal? please give me some advice (=

  • being pregnant at 13

    I'm 13 am I'm 3 months pregnant.I still have a great relationship with the Babys daddy,he is 15 and well I guess you could we are perfect for each other.and we are going to be together the whole pregnancy. By the way both of our parents know about the pregnancy. Well I have to go the baby is hungrey.