Trying to Conceive

15 dpo... 2 days late

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Ok so I'm not 15 dpo and I'm 2 day's late. But I'm still getting negative pregnancy test. I'm new to trying part but my period is never late. The only two times in my life that it's been late I've been pregnant. I don't know what to think. I'm stressin big time because we only have a limited amout of time before deployment. Plus my birthday is in two weeks and I wanna know before then and before my husband goes into predeployment training.... I HATE HATE HATE waiting!

More of the same...

Last night, I started having this really weird pain. It was where cramps usually are, but it was a different pain than cramps. It hurt BAD, but it was a constant ache -not sharp pains or anything like that. I went to the bathroom and ...I think I finally passed my baby. I know this is gross, but I stared at it for a long time. It saddens me to think that I could have had a bouncing baby from that...material. I read all this stuff about chemical pregnancies and that it's really nobodies fault, but I feel like I failed.

What in the world...

So, last night .. I went to the bathroom and it seemed like my bleeding was slowing down. Yay! I was excited because I've been bleeding for a week now. I only bleed for 3-4 days on my period, so this has been quite annoying. However, then when I got up this morning, I'm back bleeding and it's a bunch. It's almost a period, still not quite as heavy but definitely heavier than yesterday. I wish this would hurry up. Every time I see the blood I'm reminded of the baby I could have had.

So confused

my cycle only lasted for two days, and that has never happen for before. my cycle is usually long like 7-days days. what made it so bad was that it was very light. my cycle came on a saturday and by monday it was total gone. I am so confused. I have take a test but they came back negative. I have all the signs of bein pregnant. Ex sickness all during the day, i cant stop using the rest room. My attitude is bad for some reason. and i have been having these mild cramps that i normal dont even have. When my cycle is on. Is there any thing that u can tell me or let me no wat goin on? Thanks

TTC after Chemical Pregnancy

Well, I'm new here, but I really feel the need to write down all my feelings. I will start at the beginning (well, before the beginning of TTC and after the beginning of my life, so maybe "in the middle" would be better.) I got married after I graduated from college. I'm not sure why we got married. I think we had been together so long, that marriage was just the next step. It was never a great marriage. We didn't speak very much, I avoided him if I could. We had decided we did not want to have kids. One, because he had a disease that he could pass onto a baby.

I hate waiting!!

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Ok so I'm 4 dpo and I'm just waiting to take a test. I was never any good at waiting. It sucks. Plus we have a time limit here since he's leaving soon. I wish the 6th would get here already. I want this little voice in my head to stop saying you know your not pregnant. Can't wait for this week to be over and well next week to... Wish me luck


I am very young, 17 years old til Oct but I want to have a baby more then anything in the world and I have for years. I have had my best friend and her baby stay night over night at my house and I have helped with the baby and listened threw the screaming and still want a baby more then anything. I have a boyfriend that also wants to have a baby with me but I have had problems with becoming pregnant and I have no clue on how to deal with it. I feel like I have symptoms but every time I do I get my hopes up and my period starts. I have no clue what to do :/