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Thinking Before Speaking: 12 Things Men Shouldn't Say During Childbirth

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Childbirth is a wondrous thing, and many dads-to-be want to be right there in the delivery room to experience it. Not only do you get to support your wife but you also get to be there for your son or daughter's first breath. However, no matter how thrilled they are, men can never completely understand all that goes into bringing a life into the world. For that reason, they can sometimes make comments that their wives are less than thrilled to hear.

This crazy feeling of mine!

This feeling of mine that I have..you my friend, FT are just not it. Yes you are a lovely person with a beautiful personality. There is no denying that. But still in all, I am selfish, very selfish regarding my child and you my friend has crossed an invisible line.

Yes I'm cool, know a little about the streets, but I've been that bitch and today and fovevermore that bitch is not me. Get it together. This shady shit in my house will go -- and it will go within the next few days. I will keep the keys to my house and you sir please go and find someone else to tuck your things.

Not as involved as I want him to be and other ranting

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So...my husband loves me, I know this. But besides saying he was surprised, happy, and proud of me and about me being pregnant, he's not really involved. He's super busy right now, it's true (but also kinda his fault) but it's hard to take. He is going through 14 hr work days of recruiters course for the marine corps and taking two college classes, I hardly get to see him or spend time with him!

My Hubby <3

My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years now, and I am going on 22 weeks of being pregnant. We were not expecting to conceive so early but we don't regret it either. He is an amazing guy and I am glad he is here with me, supporting me and being as involved as he can be.

I am so Excited I'm pregnant and ready for my first!!

I am so excited about having a baby. I once was pregnant before this and had a miscarriage. I was in pain and had to go through the miscarriage naturally. I got no DNC done or any thing that is a horrible thing to go through I would not wish that on my worst enemy of any sort. I feel for some reason this pregnancy will suceed. I am not having the pain like I was with the first pregnancy of any sort I do have some crampiness and some back pain but the doctor says that is normal! please to all my mothers around the glob please pray for me and wish me good luck thank you!!

Damon the love of my life

I am so blessed and greatful for Damon. We have been married for 7 years this October 2nd but have been together since 1998! Sure we have had our ups and downs but who doesnt but Ill tell ya this pregnancy has made alot of changes to our realtionship. I think we are both so excited and just seem to be happier lately. He has been a life saver, if it werent for him our house would be a pit! He takes care of getting the laundry started and vaccuming and does alot of cleaning. I am trying to get better at getting things done too.