About Your Man

Chris <3

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Christopher Joshua Kenneth Holbrooks.
Thats his name. And what an amazing man he is.
Chris has been in the US military now for going on 10 years.
He has also been a professional wrestler for almost 13.
We met in 2005-2006 through mutual friends.
Started dating May 1, 2006... then later became engaged on December 13, 2006.
Around June of 2007 he was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq.. where he was stationed for almost a year.
Came home May 11, 2008... where I waited with open arms to greet him and bring him back where he belonged... home.

Month 1 and 3 weeks

I don't know what to do about Joe. He wants nothing to do with the baby or me. I can care less about me but the baby now, come on. I know hes scared. He won't even take the DNA test. that right there tells me he going to try and dip out after Job Corps. I'm not sure if i can have this baby. What do i tell them when they ask about their dad? Oh man. I feel really sick. What can I do to get him to talk to me?

Guys, Empathy and the First Trimester

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We are nine weeks pregnant and I feel like @#$#@. My husband doesn't get it. His attitude is that since I don't "look" pregnant then I shouldn't be complaining.

I'll be honest. Right now I AM a grouch after feeling exhausted, nauseous 24/7, and then trying to juggle my normal routine (at work and home.)

I don't expect him to make it better but can't a guy have SOME sympathy?

Grouchy in Maryland

Pelvic Rest: Getting Your Partner on Board

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I'm 12 weeks pregnant and experiencing some complications. I've been put on pelvic rest. How do I get my husband to understand that it means nothing can enter? The rest is till 13-14 weeks so there are another 1 -2 weeks yet.

I don't really have the interest in sex right now either. How can I convey that so he understands?


Recurring Pregnancy Dreams

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
My name is Kim. For the past few weeks now I have been having dreams that I am pregnant.Sometimes, I am in mid pregnancy and I can literally feel the baby moving. Then there was a dream that I was only 2 months along.

I will admit, I am wanting to be a mother very much. It is a strong desire. I do not know what the dreams mean, if anything. Yet, they are so real. At the time of the dreams, I wasn't thinking of it at all.

I also feel a boy. What is the meaning to these?

Thank you so much.