First Trimester

Pregnant but no gestational sac... worried

My LMP was March 23, 2012, I went on vacation with my husband and got back on April 16, 2012. I took a pregnancy test urine and blood on the 19th and it came back positive! We are excited that on our first try we were able to conceive. My BHCG level was 8.63. I retook the pregnancy blood test on the 27th and it was 403.96, i went to the ER for constipation on the 29th and my bhcg level was 976, they did a transvaginal and transabdominal sono of the pelvis but no yok sac or fetal pole was found. Should I be worried? or maybe is it too soon to see the sac???? Not sure what to think


I'm loving this feeling, I'm loving my life. My baby is growing beautifully within me. We are rich, healthy and blessed. Living in utter and complete JOY. Lord please keep me humble and happy and live in beautiful ABUNDANCE.

Thank you -- took my BETA early on 48/18/2012 result was 119!!! YESSSS!! And steadily increasing to reflect my beautiful body and baby.


Baby name discussions began today... i dont even know if im pregnant yet!

hi.. im gonna say something that im really embarassed about and its something that people will look down on me for but... im 14 and yes i did say 14.... anyway... my boyfriend and i have been together for just over 1 month(yes i know you probably think im a slut (think what u want i dont care) weve had sex twice and he took my virginity and i took his to yeah... any way... seth (my boyfriend) and i are really scared that i am pregnant and ive told a couple of my friends that i know i can trust... and they are all here for me and when i told seth i was freaking out....

1st time mother

Hello,world i am 4 weeks and 6 day pregnant with my first child i am a 27 yrs old. so far i have had no symptoms but a missed period. I am so afraid to tell my mother that i am pregnant, and the rest of my family they can be so judge mental i have noo money or job. i dont want to stress about it all i can do is pray, and ask god for guidence and strength.