First Trimester Blogs


    I just wanted to post a quick note to say that my husband and I have been trying for our second child for two years and it has FINALLY happened.

  • Sleep Easy in the Best Maternity Nightwear

    Having a baby makes you realise just how much you should have appreciated sleep before! That’s why it’s so important to ensure that you get the best sleeps before your baby makes an appearance.

  • FOUR home pregnancy tests

    I missed my period October 2012. I figured it was because of the visitors (my cousin and his new wife) we had living with us.

  • 4th week

    saw my spotting yesterday 7th Nov, now am having some cramps, feeling down and tired.

  • Where did all my symptoms go?

    So I'm really really pregnant. Baby is in the right spot, measuring the right size and has a heartbeat that we saw. I go back Aug 29th to hear the heartbeat, hopefully.

  • Pregnancy Memories Gone "Wild" and Just a Bit Eccentric

    Everyone wants to have mementos of their pregnancy. So we make belly casts, document our pregnancy with plenty of pictures, frame our ultrasounds, and get 3D, 4D ultrasounds.

  • Bar Owner Installs Pregnancy Test Dispenser for Unique Campaign

    Here's a new and interesting idea that might get some traction! A bar owner in Minnesota has installed a pregnancy test dispenser in his women's restroom. Women can purchase the $3 pregnancy tests with signage reading, "Think Before You Drink."

  • Craptastic

    I'm pregnant again. Found out Monday, July 30, 2012. My period was due on the 29th. I have had no spotting, but I have this weird pain in the site of my ectopic pregnancy.

  • Our little Planet

    We have a 5 years old Garfield cat Julia. We are curious, how will the cat get used to have a little baby in her area, I hope she will be OK with that news :).

  • Fetal Genome Sequenced Without Father's DNA in New Procedure

    For the first time, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have sequenced the genome of a fetus using only a mother's blood sample.

  • Nic's Nerves

    Our story, is probably not too rare.
    My husband and I were married 2 1/2 years ago and decided that we wouldn't wait to start a family. My mother was extremely fertile so I never thought that I would have any problems conceiving. After 6 months I began to feel nervous. After persuading my Doc. to give us the battery of tests that they usually make you wait a year for we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

    Almost one year after our marriage we found that we were pregnant, and were over the moon. Unfortunately it was shortlived and at 6.5 weeks while on holiday I began to miscarry. I think I lost a large part of my heart that day. It took me a long time to get over it.

    Over the next year, we tried chineese acupuncture which helped regulate my cycles and I took a mind body class which helped me get my emotions undercontrol. I began to meditate regularly listening to Jennifer Bloom's fertilty meditations and slowly came to a place of peace about our fertility journey.

    I've had many thoughts over the past two years. I can't say how many times I've wished that the pregnancy test would just show positive. So many negatives, how hard would it be to have a positive! The month that I got pregnant after the first year, I knew I was pregnant before I checked the stick. My boobs were sore and I'd had funny aches in my tummy. I just new it, the test was just a confirmation.

    In November I took a pregnancy test, not expecting any thing extraordinary and there it was...pregnant! I was totally suprised.

    The next few days were long and painful, with every twinge I thought that I'd get a late period. I was terrified of loosing this one too. I booked an appointment with my Dr. but couldn't get in for a week. I couldn't imagine staying pregnant for an entire week! My fears were confirmed a few of days later when I felt that my boobs had got much less sore. I figured it was only time before I bled. I sat at work in my cubicle and couldn't stop crying. I had to excuse my self (via email so no one saw me) and went home.

    I didn't start to bleed, but I did start to feel nauseus and my boobs got sore again. My Doc. ran some tests and said that my HCG was just fine and doubling on schedule. I was still pregnant.

    I was really nervous about passing the 6.5 week mark that had been my miscarriage last time. Unfortunately it came over christmas surrounded by family. I was feeling really sick and would pretty much rather have been any where else as long as I could have been alone.

  • A strange new journey


    My name is Melissa & I am currently pregnant with my first baby! My husband & I are over-joyed with the news. I have pollycystic ovarian syndrome & didn't think I could get pregnant easily, but it took just two months!

    I am about 8 weeks along & am having a bad day. Morning sickness kicked in about 2 weeks ago. That has not been fun. Foods I used to love I can't stomach anymore & I never know what Im in the mood for. Nothing tastes the same as it used to. I don't enjoy eating right now.

  • FOUR home pregnancy tests

    I missed my period October 2012. I figured it was because of the visitors (my cousin and his new wife) we had living with us.

  • 2 months

    well it's may 30 i just hit my 2 months i am so excited still having cramps though but thats what my hubby is for he rubs my belly for me so it will feel better you know for being pregnant for the first time i didn't think i would have pains cause my other sisters didn't but everyone is different im just super excited cause we have been trying for 3 years and its finally happened well thats it for today.


  • Is this really happening?

    We've been waiting for 3 years to see 2 lines. I had resolved myself to the what I deemed a fact, that we just would never get pregnant. That I would never see 2 lines on that damn stick. And yet yesterday I did. It was such a shock that I carried that stick with me to pick up my husband. And I handed him the stick that I had peed on less than 20 minutes ago.

    Two lines. Clear as day, there were two pink lines.

    And today, just in case, I took another test.

    Two lines.

    Hello little poppy seed. :)

  • Bingo!

    WE ARE PREGNANT! :D Oh yes! We are "PREGNANT". Now this is the series of events.

    5-11-2011: Got blood test (Beta HCG) done

  • Sandy's Surprise -- Pee-on-a-stick

    I hope and pray I get to carry this baby to term, but if not, I am determined to enjoy each and every precious day I get with him/her. Each day, I thank God for this opportunity to be pregnant and have life growing inside me.

  • PUSH: Riding the Blue Line

    On top of the rumpled sheet were two long white things, which I mistook for thermometers. She had been sick lately, and I figured she had been taking her temperature. Twice, for some reason. When I blinked, the thermometers turned into something more interesting: home pregnancy tests.

  • Revolving symptoms

    Last week morning sickness hit and I spent the weekend laying on the couch watching TV. I consumed roughly 500 calories on Saturday and another 3-400 on Sunday. I was desparate. And then all of a sudden, dinner on Sunday I feasted on 4 slices of pizza. And I didn't stop eating until today (Wednesday). Today I'm feeling a little off. My oatmeal didn't taste quite right. And my boobs are not as tender. So, now I'm freaking out that my sypmtoms come and go and that something is wrong.

    What a roller coaster ride this has been so far.

    Hang in there little blueberry!

  • Pregnant?

    About a year ago I found out I was pregnant for the very first time. That morning I had told my husband that I thought I was pregnant and he just waved it off, not really believing me. To his defense I had thought this or that must be pregnancy for a little while before that. I had been so worried about getting pregnant before my wedding. However my wedding had just passed and i just knew that I was pregnant this time.