First Trimester

The Journey

Sun 12-11-11: I bought the pregnancy test, my husband didn't want to buy it untill xmas, but i couldn't wait. So I when we went the supermarket i went to the pharmacy section and got it. Once I got home i did the test and surpriseeee!!! it showed 2 pink lines... I was pregnant... I'm pregnant :):) we are so happy!


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i just found out via blood test from the doctor that i'm six weeks pregnant. i knew long before, having taken five tests and already showing symptoms such as cravings and tiredness. i'm really scared, though. for a lot of reasons. first they told me everything was okay and now they are telling me that ... and i forget the name of the enzyme or hormone ... is showing low levels, which means the baby isn't developing right.

6 weeks today!

I'm 6 weeks today and terrified. I started my progesterone suppositories a week ago and I'm concerned that all the symptoms I'm feeling now are from the suppositories. I've had 2 miscarriages this year already, I'm 38 years old, and I have a spinal cord injury. Lots of issues, I know...but I have had one successful pregnancy. I have a beautiful 14 yr. old daughter.

3 Sacs 1 transvaginal ultrasound 5 weeks

Went to my OB and she confirmed pregnancy. Due to my dates of last period she said I was about 6 weeks to 7 weeks pregnant. She requested and trans vaginal ultrasound and the tech found 3 small sacs, no halo, no yolk. She said it could be a pseudo sac. My husband and I think we are only about 5 weeks along as of today and that I ovulated late. The doctor ordered Hcg levels and my first levels came back 3159. Will get levels drawn again in two days... No bleeding, some cramping, ligament stretching, and sore breast... Could it be a false pregnancy? could it be too early to see a yolk?