Second Trimester

First Kicks!

For the first time ever, I felt my baby moving and kicking last night! It was such a glorious moment for me, and I had been waiting for it to happen for a few weeks now, since I'm already 18 weeks in, almost 19. It was so exciting, and I can't wait to feel this movement again, it warms my heart to feel her so alive, and inside of me!

Rudeness and Pregnancy

You are pregnant and glowing, basking in the idea of being a new parent. One disadvantage -- strangers suddenly feel the need to give you advice, tell you horror stories, and touch your growing belly. What is it about pregnancy that breaks down social barriers? And how can you fend off unwanted attention?

My pregnancy

Hello everyone. This is my first blog on here. My name is Megan, I am 25, mother of a 5 1/2 yr old, and her name is Makayla. I am not married, but am with both my childrens dad. I am currently 22 wks, 2 days pregnant with my 2nd lil girl.Her name will be Kaitlyn Annemarie, and due May 1, 2011. First trimester was horrible.