Second Trimester Articles

  • What medications can you take during pregnancy?

    by Melissa D. Jaramillo

  • Make your own ice cream concoction party

    Hosting a "make your own ice cream concoction" party is a perfect way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month in July. Learn how to make this event a success from first lick to last drip!

  • Pampered Pregnant Feet

    Expectant moms can use some special attention — especially to relieve tired, achy feet! Try pampering those tootsies and receive multiple benefits in return for both you and your baby!

  • Royal baby watch -- Due date revealed!

    The 'royal due date' has been announced for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge -- William and Kate! We're joining the world in anticipation as well as sharing what's happening at this stage for both mum and babe!

  • The pregnant gal's guide to wintertime exercise

    With cold winter winds howling outside, it can be very tempting for mom-to-be to skip the workout and opt to curl up comfy on the couch with a nice cup of hot cocoa. Resist ladies! Remember those important "end goals" -- easier labor, shorter delivery times, and faster recovery postpartum.

  • 10 ways to announce your pregnancy during the holidays

    Now's the time to let your friends and family in on your secret! Here are our members' top ten suggestions for announcing their pregnancy over the holidays.

  • Pregnant? Getting a flu shot could prevent autism for baby-to-be!

    The flu and fever are capable of creating more damage than previously thought! See why it's important to get a flu shot if you're pregnant!

  • Winter maternity clothes on a budget

    Do you need winter maternity clothes before your belly pops right out of your regular clothes -- ones that won't burst your budget? Try our tips for buying and wearing maternity clothes.

  • Second trimester tips to look good and feel great!

    Whew! It's wonderful to feel good! Now that you're past the first weeks, you probably feel better and have more energy. Have you decided how to spend it? Along with fixing up the nursery and buying a car seat, add "taking care of yourself" to your pregnancy to-do list.

  • Healthy Pregnancies: How to Have One and Maintain Yours

    As you countdown the days until you're holding your baby in your arms, it's a given that you want to give the bun-to-be the healthiest start possible. Learn how you can have and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

  • Morning Sickness: It's Not Easy Being Green!

    The paradox of morning sickness: Few people ever really dwell on the trauma of it, because it is the famous first sign of a glorious occasion to come -- the birth of a child. That is true. It's also true that morning sickness can be debilitating, depressing and alienating. Baby or no baby.

  • Dying For A Change: Hair Color and Your Pregnancy

    If you're like many women, bleaching, dying, or highlighting your hair may be a regular part of your beauty regime. And if you're like most pregnant women, you probably have some hesitation or even a fear about continuing to color your hair while baby is in tow. Read on for tips to minimize baby's risk and for safe coloring alternatives.

  • The Plea of a ''Preggo''

    Have you ever noticed that a pregnant woman's body somehow becomes the subject of many comments, descriptions, insults, and various other acknowledgments?

  • Perks of being pregnant

    Are you feeling like this "pregnancy thing" might not be all it's talked up to be? There are certain perks to being pregnant. Find out what they are!

  • Rudeness and Pregnancy

    You are pregnant and glowing, basking in the idea of being a new parent. One disadvantage -- strangers suddenly feel the need to give you advice, tell you horror stories, and touch your growing belly. What is it about pregnancy that breaks down social barriers? And how can you fend off unwanted attention?

  • Anti-depressants During Pregnancy

    Recently our news feeds have been flooded with bad news about pregnancy and anti-depressants. If you're depressed and expecting a baby, finding a treatment can feel like a balancing act over hot coals.

  • Royal baby watch -- Due date revealed!

    The 'royal due date' has been announced for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge -- William and Kate! We're joining the world in anticipation as well as sharing what's happening at this stage for both mum and babe!

  • Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

    We know some foods actually carry risks in pregnancy. The risks are very small, and even if you do eat some of these foods, perhaps without realizing, you are very unlikely to harm yourself or your baby in any way. However, it makes sense to avoid them when you can.

  • Morning Sickness: What to Pack for the Journey

    Morning sickness demands a plan -- a strategy -- for outsmarting your body and letting you feel in better control. To do that, you will need some basic tools... To start with, you will need a bigger bag -- something roomy enough to accommodate your needs. If you are feeling lousy, a little shopping excursion just might cheer you up!

  • Alcohol and Pregnancy: What You Should Know

    When you consume alcohol, so does your baby. Alcohol freely passes through the placenta to your baby. Alcohol can have an adverse effect on your baby's development.