Second Trimester


Wow the last few months have just been insane! For starters we found out we were having a baby girl which made me both happy and ridiculously stressed! We we're planning on a boy and we we're just so sure we were having a boy that when we found out we we're having a girl it terrified me! I felt like a boy would be much easier for our first child...with a girl there are just so many things to worry about that, as much as it's a double standard, you don't have to worry about when your having a boy! But we sat down and talked about it and realized a girl would not reallt be that different.

pain on right side

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hi there im 22 weeks pregnant, i keep getting this sharp stapping pain in my rght side of belly near my hip, it comes on when i have been sitting down for a while, or when im in bed and i move it comes on and when the pain is there i cant lay on it, some times i feel the pain when i press it, i no my baby is fine cos i have felt her move could u help me?