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  • Introductions

    I was pregnant once but I miscarried. I am not here for myself but for the mother of my soon to be godchild she is in her 6th week and any suggestions that anyone has will greatly help.

  • The "Sweetest Day" for Couples

    Help "Sweetest Day" -- a celebration of friendship, romance, and love of family -- leap out of the shadows of its "relatives" and stand on its own with these romance-enhancing ideas!

  • Hoping to Not Be Pregnant


    My boyfriend and I got a little carried away the other night and he rubbed his penis on my labia and I know for a fact that he didn't ejaculate but he did have some pre-cum. I'm not sure if it was there before or after he rubbed on me but I'm worried I could be pregnant.

  • Do you think Im pregnant???

    Hey you guys my lmp was September 13 and I had intercourse with my boyfriend the 18 and 25 a week after I started getting frequent headaches,urination and back aches. I also get the hiccups alot and feel gasy (I know tmi) and I just started getting more discharge which is white and thin.

  • Waiting Welton's

    It has been a long 3 weeks... We got married on September 4th,2010. It was a day I'll never forget, thanks to (hurricane) Earl. But in spite of that, it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon, and glorious celebration of LOVE. A few days later (Wednesday, September 8th) we had our 20 week ultrasound.

  • Morning Sickness Soothers

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    Morning Sickness Soothers are specifically formulated to provide an all natural, drug-free way of easing morning sickness, nausea and sensitivity to smells. A soft flexible piece containing natural aromatics slips discreetly and comfortably into the nose to help interrupt the nausea cycle and help counteract and neutralize undesirable odors.

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  • Waiting Welton's

    We got married. On Saturday September 4th 2010. It almost didn't happen. first of all... the day before was a VERY busy one. There was lots of running around, driving here and there, picking things up, ferrying out of town guests around, and just plain trying to get ready for the wedding.

  • Finding cheaper protein to help cut down your grocery budget

    For a family of four within the US, the average food bill is from $586 to $1,159. Meat makes up for forty percent or more of that spending budget. Reducing your grocery spending budget is something individuals are investigating as food costs are expected to rise within the next five years. Eating cheaper shouldn’t mean eating less healthy.

  • Bonding with Your Baby in Utero

    It's very rare to hear a man talk about how he bonded with his baby whilst it was still in the womb. For that matter I think the majority of men don't feel a strong bond with their baby for several weeks or even months. Why is this the case? What can we do about it?

  • The Pregnancy Partners: Blokes, Babies and You

    As moms-to-be (or those still trying to become one), there are a few basics that we would love to have from our partners. Learn how you can achieve these goals as you meet the Pregnancy Partners -- our "Blokes, Babies, and You" team!

  • very confused

    ok i have a problem and i need advice asap ok my LMP started on feb.8 and it was suppose to come on march 10 and it didnt i went to the hospital and they did a urine test on march 15th it came out negative my period still hasnt return i had some light spotting on 19th but it lasted a few seconds my period is never late like tis i have 2 other kids and i have been having symptoms like nausea vomitting tender breast i went to see my family doctor on 18th but he wouldnt give me a test due to i told him the on at the hospital came out negative the 16th i feel like i am but is not sure please hel

  • "Being Dad" DVD

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    Melissa D. Jaramillo

    The "Being Dad" DVD is the perfect gift (even to yourself!) for all expectant parents. Dads-to-be will appreciate hearing the truth from those with been there, done that experience! Moms-to-be will find it a terrific way to engage their partners in their pregnancy with humor, candor, and a refreshing frankness sure to capture their attention.

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  • Introductions

    I was pregnant once but I miscarried. I am not here for myself but for the mother of my soon to be godchild she is in her 6th week and any suggestions that anyone has will greatly help.

  • I just found out I'm pregnant yesterday!

    I just found out yesterday that I was pregnant. And the bloodwork just came back this morning so I talked to my doctor. And I am infact pregnant. Probably only a few weeks. Since this is the first time pregnancy for me, I'd like to know as much about what to expect, stories, everything on pregnancy. I have a few books including What to Expect When Expecting, i just want to know all different things from all aspects. I'm very excited and so is my fiance, but yet I'm also very nervous because all I can think about is the pain parts of pregnancy, espesially labor, and I'm not good with pain.

  • Sex During Pregnancy: What's His Problem?

    We've interviewed hundreds of men around the world for our Being Dad films and color, religion or nationality doesn't matter; some men can have sex during pregnancy and some can't. Many women have told us that when their man tells them they aren't interested or can't do it that they perceived it was because he didn't find them attractive in their later stages of pregnancy.

  • Getting my pregnant fience back!!

    Hi my name is David. I hope you can help me. Me and my ex broke up a couple weeks ago. She left me. Then i found out she was pregnant. I really want to be with her and grow up a happy family. How can i get her back. Please help me.

    Thank you