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Finding cheaper protein to help cut down your grocery budget

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For a family of four within the US, the average food bill is from $586 to $1,159. Meat makes up for forty percent or more of that spending budget. Reducing your grocery spending budget is something individuals are investigating as food costs are expected to rise within the next five years. Eating cheaper shouldn’t mean eating less healthy.

17 & Pregnant

When I found out I'm pregnant, it came as a complete surprise. My boyfriend and I had used protection frequently, although not all the time. We honestly weren't careful enough, but I really wanted a baby, even though I knew it should wait. Well, we're expecting.

I'm having a lot of issues with my mum. We fight constantly, and I know that can't be good for the baby. I'm honestly so unsure of how to handle all this, and I'm not completely sure of what's supposed to be happening to me. I've only begun to browse this site, and it seems to be very helpful.