Third Trimester

I am so Excited I'm pregnant and ready for my first!!

I am so excited about having a baby. I once was pregnant before this and had a miscarriage. I was in pain and had to go through the miscarriage naturally. I got no DNC done or any thing that is a horrible thing to go through I would not wish that on my worst enemy of any sort. I feel for some reason this pregnancy will suceed. I am not having the pain like I was with the first pregnancy of any sort I do have some crampiness and some back pain but the doctor says that is normal! please to all my mothers around the glob please pray for me and wish me good luck thank you!!

So excited

Im mad at myself for not doing this already.. .I am already 27 weeks and havent writted one blog! Geeze what a bad mother I am going to be! Nah Im too excited to be a bad mom. So far this has been a crazy, amazing, weird, emotional, exciting time. Not to mention how amazing Damon has been. He does everything for me and hes my personal dietician so I dont gain too much weight.