Childbirth Options

Concerns About Placenta Previa

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Dear Midwife,
I have placenta previa. I also have to take Prometreum because I do not produce enough progesterone. I am approximately 22 weeks and am about to go in for my second ultrasound.

I am scared to death of what is going to happen if the placenta doesn't move up. I know that I will have a C-section if it does not. But I am still worried about bleeding a lot and healing times. I was wondering if you could help put my mind at ease.


Agreeing on a Birth Plan

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My partner wants a hospital birth complete with an OB/GYN. My preference is a home birth with a midwife but I was willing to compromise on using a birth center. He's not budging.

What are some ways that I can help him move away from this sterile birth experience to one that I'm more comfortable with other than just telling him "I'm not doing it!" and creating another war?

I get that is how his sisters and friends' wives delivered but this is MY birth experience, too!