Best Tips to Save Money on Baby Prams

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The first time parenting experience could be one of the most special experiences. Becoming first-time parents involves lot of things which could at some of the times prove to be one of the most daunting tasks as you will be new to it. Along with lots of responsibilities there comes a lot of burden in terms of managing your lifestyle with your little ones.

Which kind of crib bumpers are safe?

I just wanted to see if anybody had any thoughts on whether or not to use crib bumpers? I did not like the mesh bumpers and tried a product called Wonder Bumpers. So far they are awesome, has any other new parents tried them? I love the simplicity of the product, they are pads that zip up the crib bars and leave no room for infant injury or suffocation. Just wanted to see if anybody else likes their Wonder Bumpers . . . . . .