Baby Blogs

  • Which kind of crib bumpers are safe?

    I just wanted to see if anybody had any thoughts on whether or not to use crib bumpers? I did not like the mesh bumpers and tried a product called Wonder Bumpers.

  • Children Left Alone in Cars Increases at Alarming Rates

    It's not hard to imagine this as a common scenario. The baby finally fell asleep in her car seat. Mom or dad just needs to run into the store for "a minute." A minute turns into 20. That’s all it took for their baby to die of heat stroke. Hard to believe this can happen? Believe it! Three children died last week in this same scenario.

  • Beyond Pink vs Blue

    Following some friend requests, and just aiming at sharing information in case someone finds it useful, I finally created a blog with ideas about maternity and children: games, baby science, useful pu

  • Baby Bottle Ads Targeting Men to "Reclaim" Their Wives Fall Flat

    This isn't part of a "Mad Men" script but it certainly could be! Couldn't you just see Don Draper and crew sitting around, smoking their cigarettes, drinking their scotch, when someone says, "Reclaim Your Wife!" and they all shout, "Yes!" and toast to that.

  • Bikini Onesies for Babies -- In Style or Inappropriate?

    Nothing says innocence like a baby girl in a sexy bikini. Wait, that only happens on "Toddlers and Tiaras," right? Well, not quite.

  • Wordless Wednesday: Baby Wins the Sleep Battle with Dad

    Who hasn't struggled with getting babies to sleep by themselves? In our first wacky, wild and wordless Wednesday blog, this dad gives in and lies down with his adorable baby girl in the crib. She immediately cuddles up, falls asleep and he's trapped!

  • Good Samaritan Saves Baby Boy from Subway Tracks

    It was a windy afternoon on the "J" subway platform on the New York subway at Van Siclen Avenue. A mother had her one-year-old baby boy in a stroller with her. Her three other children were on a bench.

  • Company Offers to Name Your Baby for One Thousand Dollars

    Struggling with what to name your baby? Groupon comes to the rescue! For a mere $1,000, they'll name your baby. The name won't be randomly selected nor will there be some drawn out selection process. Your baby's name will be "Clembough." Confused? Us, too.

  • Trending Baby Names for 2012

    The trending list of the hottest baby names for 2012 has been released by "Nameberry." It's no surprise that Hollywood leads the way as the main inspiration for parents.

  • Alicia Silverstone -- Mama Bird or Mega Weird?

    Alicia Silverstone reveals a controversial method when it comes to feeding her 11-month-old son. Would you pre-chew your child's food?