Toddler Blogs

  • Toddler Found Holding Loaded Handgun During Routine Traffic Stop

    It takes a lot to shock police these days. It's rare, if not unheard of to be faced with what Chicago police found on one particular routine traffic stop.

  • It's Illegal to Sell Expired Baby Food in California and Other Head Shaking Laws

    Wasn't selling expired baby food always illegal? Apparently not. Until the dawning of 2012, it was apparently legal for retailers to sell expired baby food and baby formula in California.

  • Is Kourtney Kardashian Strange for Co-Sleeping with Her Toddler?

    On the premiere of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" Sunday night, it was revealed that Kourtney co-sleeps with her toddler, Mason (who is just adorable), while her baby daddy sleeps in another room. This is not so unusual, nor, do we think, such a crazy thing.

  • One Toddler's Sudden Death Gives Life to Several Others

    Eric and Amanda Trant are mourning the unexpected death of their 18-month-old son, Dastan. However, they're also finding comfort knowing his death saved at least three people.

  • Transitioning Your Child to a Toddler Bed

    So he's giving up the crib? You've been to the store and picked out the cutest toddler bed? All of you are totally excited? Except instead of rolling over and falling asleep, the way he did in the crib, now he comes out every two minutes to find you? All evening long?

  • Benefits of Infant Massage

    Hello all readers/bloggers.

  • Taming Your Out of Control Toddler

    Ok, so he's a wonderful little guy, affectionate and charming, and angelic when he's asleep. But he never stops moving, he grabs whatever he wants from other kids, he regularly hauls off and socks you in the face, and then laughs. He throws toys and purposely breaks things... How can you possibly make it through toddlerhood without succumbing to your natural homicidal responses?

  • Here we go again!

    Well, this here is my first ever blog, so please bare with me as pour my heart and soul out :)

    I am in my late twenties, dawning on 30 now! I am the mother to two beautiful little ladies and another on the way! My husband and I have been together for 10 years now, married for nearly five and he is desprete for his boy! So far the netball team is all he has received!

  • Preparing Your Little One for the Separation While You Birth the New Baby

    Many women worry about leaving their older child when they go to the hospital to give birth to their baby. It doesn't help that labor is by definition unpredictable in both timing and length, making it even harder to prepare a child who is often little more than a baby himself.

  • Kids Eating Detergent Packets Thinking It's Candy

    As convenient as the new laundry packets are for parents, they are apparently dangerously appealing to little ones.