Top Ten Lists

  • Top Ten Tips to Get Your Kids Screen-Free

    Are you concerned about the negative impact technology might have on your child's health and development? Here are our top ten tips to encourage kids to "unplug" and plug into life instead!

  • Top Ten Tricks to Successful Potty Training

    Is your tot reluctant to wave good-bye to the diapers? Peer pressure, target practice and careful wording helps some kids get the idea. One of these tricks might help ease the path to successful potty training for your child.

  • Top Ten Ways to Keep Kids Cool in Summertime

    Hot summer weather getting to the kids? Looking for a way to cool everyone off? How about our top ten activities to lower the temperature and raise the fun factor?

  • Top 10 Worst Valentine's Day Gifts Ever

    We know the heart of the suitor in the right place, but even the best intentions can make for serious Valentine's Day disasters. Heed our "warnings" and avoid these tricky traps!

  • Top Ten Signs You Might Be Pregnant

    Feeling a little tired? Wondering why your breasts are so tender? What about those crazy mood swings! What's up with that? Even before you miss a period you might be suspecting — or hoping — that you're pregnant.

  • Top 10 Things to Do on Leap Day

    Leap day -- that quadrennial event in gives us a bonus day to play, read or ponder our lives. We compiled the following list of things to do on Leap Day to match its goofy name. Leap in and enjoy!

  • Top 10 Reasons to Eat Chocolate Regularly

    Chocolate! You love it and try to resist. Should you? We have good news. Recent research reveals that we can and should enjoy chocolate and its health benefits.

  • Top Ten Sunburn Prevention Tips and Techniques

    The sun never seems that strong until it's too late. Frolicking in the sun stops being fun when you've been scorched, boiled, burned or blistered. Try these top ten easy ways to prevent sunburn.

  • Top 10 Survival Tips for Living with a Preschooler

    Preschoolers are delightfully inquisitive, but maddeningly intense! Here's your game plan to not only survive those preschool years, but also bring out the best in your child!

  • Ten activities that could induce labor

    Your due date has come and gone. Your ready to serve an eviction notice to your small resident. What can you do that might get the message across?