Dr. Mark Moore: Pregnancy and Pediatrics

Pregnant but no gestational sac... worried

My LMP was March 23, 2012, I went on vacation with my husband and got back on April 16, 2012. I took a pregnancy test urine and blood on the 19th and it came back positive! We are excited that on our first try we were able to conceive. My BHCG level was 8.63. I retook the pregnancy blood test on the 27th and it was 403.96, i went to the ER for constipation on the 29th and my bhcg level was 976, they did a transvaginal and transabdominal sono of the pelvis but no yok sac or fetal pole was found. Should I be worried? or maybe is it too soon to see the sac???? Not sure what to think


ok so for the past few weeks ive been having symptoms of pregnancy, ive been having lower abdominal cramps,food aversions, the smell of chili makes me gag, i got randomally sick for 5 days so far, like 2 times at night nd 3 in the mornings, i sleep alot lately, boobs are biggeer nd more full and they are tender, my nipples arent that much darker, somedays they look like they are nd some days they arent.

Pregnacy and Depo-provera

The last time I got a depo shot was in December 2011. I didnt recieve my next shot April 2011 instead i started da birthcontrol pills and my dr warned me that it could make me fertle snce the depo levels are low and i should use backup(condoms,spermicide,etc)I stayed on the pills for two weeks and then i stoppd taking them. I Started my period a few weeks later exactly on time.



I'm worried that pregnancy will be impossible for me because my cycle is so irregular. I've been tracking my periods for over 2 years and right now, my average cycle lasts 56 days so it's really difficult to pin-point when I'm ovulating and when's the best time for us as most online tracking tools aren't designed for cycles this long.

My period was a week early and I feel fatigue and dizzy a lot am I pregnant?

Me and my husband have been trying to conceive on and off for 2 years. The last 3 months we have been trying we used ovulation kits and everything. My period is normally 35 day cycle and my period started a week earlier than expected. It was very light and a pinkish color, I am normally extremely heavy and my period lasts for 5 to 6 days. This period was only 2 days.